Candy Spelling Just Can't Get Off the Crazy Train


Crazy Candy Spelling and I don't know that she is crazy for a fact - this is just my read on the rich and lonely woman. Every time she takes it upon herself to write an open letter in The Huffington Post, she adds further validity to my theory.

So...with her daughter Tori Spelling out promoting her new book sTori Telling, Candy is spewing at the mouth again. This time she was in the hospital having surgery on her "elbow." Let me just give you a small bite of what Candy recollects from her hospital stay:

"Hi, Candy," my surgeon said. "Just watched Tori. She said you and she have a good and non-confrontational relationship."

"Where's my anesthesiologist?" I asked. "Something is wrong with the anesthetic. It's not working."

Then Crazy Candy talked more about needing drugs and more drugs - apparently a direct result of Tori's book tour and the airing of some family laundry. But she learned a lesson I guess - even surgery doesn't shelter parents of famous children. Then she said something about going to a wilderness camp to hide out. If you want to read Candy's whole story, check it out at The Huffington Post.