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Debbie Nelson, mother of rapper Eminem, has a new book on the market that she claims will change the bad opinion people have of her. The title is My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem.

Eminem is an Oscar winner and has multiple Grammy Awards for his rap music. His record sales make him one of the highest selling rap artists of all time. He is touring less but is still in the game with his recently released track I Can Be.

Nelson wants to change everything you ever heard come out of the mouth of her son regarding his upbringing and their relationship. She says they were never white trailer trash nor have they ever been on welfare. Eminem used her as the basis for his music lyrics, and according to her, fabricated his life history in order to sell his music.

The book, reported to be a tell-all, is not likely to strengthen their battered relationship but she looks at it a different way. She feels that he never wanted her to be the victim of such fan hatred and will understand that she needs to set the record straight.

Nelson sought the help of a ghost writer to give her side of the story. She hired top British author Annette Witheridge.