Kelly Fisher Testifies at Princess Diana's Inquest

princess diana and dodi fayed

Kelly Fisher, model and former girl friend of Dodi Fayed, testified at the British inquest that has been called to reevaluate evidence in the car accident that took the lives of Fayed, Princess Diana and driver Henri Paul ten years ago in Paris.

Letters were read that Diana had sent to Dodi. She referred to him as "Darling Dodi" and signed them "Fondest love, Diana". Dodi's father, Mohamed Al Fayed has been fighting for years to get the investigation reopened. It is his contention that his son was prepared to marry Diana and that the two were murdered at the direction of Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana's friend Rosa Monckton was questioned about Diana's relationship with Fayed. The friend indicated that it was just a fling. She said that Diana writes in a flamboyant manner but is genuine in her sentiments. She reported than contrary to rumors, Diana was not pregnant and was not entertaining marriage.

Kelly Fisher, who was called to testify, was planning to marry Dodi Fayed and had quit her modeling career at his insistence. When she first heard rumors that he and Princess Diana had been photographed in a romantic embrace, Fisher called the senior Fayed when Dodi wouldn't return her calls. He summarily dismissed her. Dodi sent her a $200,000 to compensate her, but the check bounced.

We've included a photo of Kelly Fisher and one of Diana's notes to Dodi.  To read others click here.

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