All I Want for Christmas...David Beckham Emporio Armani Underwear Ad

david beckham emporio armani underwear ad

Okay, I need to take a moment here.


Santa, are you listening? David Beckham. In Emporio Armani underwear. Okay, I don't even mind if you leave off the underwear, but if he happens to be wearing Armani Black Code, then don't come knocking on my door...ever...I'll be busy. (Yeah, somehow my fantasy has turned into an Armani ad, maybe I should ask them to pay me.)

David Beckham is the new hot bod for Emporio Armani underwear and if you are lucky enough to live in London, New York, LA, Milan, Rome, Paris or Tokyo, this is what is coming soon to a billboard near you.

I'm glad it's not coming to a billboard near me, actually. I don't need that kind of distraction when I'm driving. It's hard enough to put on my makeup, talk on my cell phone, hold my dog and eat Taco Bell. Oh wait...that's not me...that's Britney.

Source: Heatworld via Dlisted