Jennifer Aniston - Gorgeous Celebrity Stuck in a Slump (Photos)


Jennifer Aniston is on more magazine covers than any other Hollywood celebrity. The actress graces the cover of the November issue of "Harper's Bazaar" as seen above. She also sat for an interview that seemed to indicate that she is still restless and unsettled.

Aniston has recently wrapped up a new movie with Steve Zahn entitled "Management" that was filmed in Madras, Oregon. Another that is set for release in 2008 is "He's Just Not That Into You" with Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connolly and Kevin Connolly.

The actress is sensitive to her critics who remember only her poorly received movies and forget about those that have enjoyed relative success. She seems particularly proud of "Along Came Polly" and also spoke fondly of "Bruce Almighty", while acknowledging that "Derailed" and "Rumor Has It" were disappointments.

Her battered ego still seems fragile but she says that she wants people to know that "I'm Back". She admits to having thoughts of moving to New York. She envisions walking without being hassled by paparazzi. She finds driving in LA to be tiresome. What she really needs is a wildly successful movie and a scorchingly hot relationship. Then she'll perk up for sure.

We've included additional pictures of the gorgeous celebrity. Click on 'continue reading this post' below to reveal the thumbnail photos. Be sure to click each of them for a better view.

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