Ugly Betty Cast Star Struck Over Posh


Victoria Beckham is going to be a guest star on Ugly Betty. The cast is said to be star struck. Vanessa Williams recently spoke with OK! and seems to be excited (I bet they are hoping that Victoria brings David along)!

To hear "Betty's" Vanessa Williams tell it, the cast is a bit starstruck by the idea of working with Posh Spice herself. "She's coming in for a fitting on Monday and we're all really excited," Vanessa tells "OK!". "I think she'll be phenomenal."

Vanessa also tells "OK!" that Victoria will be playing, well, Victoria in the guest role, which may not be as easy as it sounds. "You have to have a sense of humor when you're playing yourself," explains the former Miss America.

And it's not just on the set where Vanessa is getting to know the world’s sexiest soccer mom. "Our kids go to the same school, so we have parents' lunches," the Emmy nominee tells "OK!". "And I saw her a few weeks ago at the "High School Musical" premiere."