Angelina's Addicted to Diet Pills!


So screams the headline in the new issue of Life & Style magazine.
Brad Pitt’s been concerned with Angelina’s frail appearance for months and has begged her to get help. But she’s continued to shed weight and hovers around 100 pounds, estimates personal trainer and star of Bravo’s Work Out Brian Peeler, who hasn’t treated Angie.

Angelina, 32, started taking the pills, which contain stimulants to increase metabolism, in an attempt to get more energy, says a friend of hers. “Brad’s very worried about her long-term health,” says the friend. “ says the whole thing is putting a new strain on their relationship,” a Pitt family friend says. “He’s tired from looking after four young children, and he feels like he has to baby-sit Angelina, too. The poor guy is frazzled, and he doesn’t know how much more he can take.”

Of course last week it was liver disease that was causing Angelina to be so frail. Who knows. She is looking awfully skinny these days though. Not that there's anything wrong with skinny, as long as she's healthy.