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During the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Gino and Jasmine went shopping.

Ostensibly, this was a gift for her sister’s birthday. But the main event turned out to be Jasmine’s desire for a ring.

Yes, she already has an engagement ring. But she “lost” it, she claimed, and wants a new one that doesn’t embarrass her.

Jasmine confessed that she had actually worn the engagement ring from her previous marriage at times, because it was more to her taste. Gino did not like hearing that.

“For Liz’s birthday, among other things,” Jasmine said to inform Gino that she had a secondary purpose. (TLC)

On Season 6, Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda selected a lovely necklace for Jasmine’s sister.

Liz turned 20 years old. We sincerely hope that what we saw on the episode was not the extent of her birthday celebration.

At any rate, the pendant was just part of Jasmine’s mission. She quickly revealed her ulterior motive.

“Do you have rings?” Jasmine asks, right in front of the man who has already given her a ring and promised her two more. (TLC)

Jasmine asked the jewelry store clerk if they could look at rings.

Now, Gino gave Jasmine a ring. We watched him buy the almost unbelievably cheap ring — the kind that a high schooler might save up to buy for his girlfriend — before proposing on their previous season.

It turns out that Jasmine “lost” that ring. But that’s the one thing in life that she’s not crying over. Jasmine insisted that it was, of course, “accidental.”

Viewers have noticed the changes in Jasmine’s appearance over the years. There is even a stark contrast between her confessional look and the still-very-recent footage from the same season. (TLC)

See, the ring was not to her taste at all. Probably because it was about the cost of a meal for two at an expensive restaurant, or a delivery order for four from more medium-priced establishments.

But, speaking to the confessional camera, Jasmine admitted that she didn’t just dislike and lose the trash ring that Gino had given her.

She shared that she had worn a replacement ring. Specifically, the engagement ring from her previous marriage.

Gino Palazzolo does not like what Jasmine Pineda is saying. Can you tell? (TLC)

That’s right. She wore the ring that her ex-husband gave her, because she found it less embarrassing than what Gino gave her.

Gino felt appalled. Yes, he bought an engagement ring the size of a grocery order. But it came from the heart, and he felt insulted.

We can see both sides of this. Of course this hurt Gino’s feelings. But also? If you want to give someone a $270 engagement ring, maybe choose a partner who wants that.

Jasmine Pineda is once again suggesting that Gino hire an immigration attorney. (TLC)

Gino had promised Jasmine a new ring already. But he wanted to wait for the K-1 visa to come through. He would buy her this ring to celebrate.

But Jasmine didn’t want to wait. Speaking of which, she was also tired of waiting for the K-1 visa.

She told Gino that she wanted him to hire an immigration attorney. Even though he has done this before, she wanted to speed up the process.

The horrors of retail are not for the faint of heart. They must deal with the worst people of all: customers. (TLC)

Gino noted that they weren’t at the 13-month point. At that milestone, if they haven’t heard back, it might be time to worry.

But Jasmine accused him of being too cheap to hire an attorney to speed things along. Gino countered that the visa could arrive any day now — hiring a professional might be a total waste.

Meanwhile, the jewelry store clerk, who had graciously agreed to appear on camera, had to just stand there politely. Retail is a nightmare.

Jasmine Pineda weeps openly in a jewelry store when she feels that she is not a priority. (TLC)

Jasmine of course began to cry. She has a strong association between love and money, and sees Gino’s spending habits as a sign that he doesn’t love her.

Gino became angry and stormed out.

It was, he would later admit, the polar opposite of how the marriage counselor had suggested that he respond to Jasmine’s outbursts.

Gino and Jasmine took her sister Liz out on a pedal-powered vehicle. Happy birthday? (TLC)

They did not resolve their issues then and there.

However, they decided to set aside their differences … as well as they could.

Why? Because it was Liz’s birthday. So, the same day as the jewelry store clash, they went out as a trio.

“That wasn’t so bad,” means that, in theory, Liz could have had a worse birthday. (TLC)

Liz found herself as the almost-literal third wheel, because they pedaled around together.

There were moments when they laughed and seemed to momentarily forget their troubles.

Of course, there were contentious moments, too.

Jasmine sure knows how to exchange “playful banter” with Gino. (TLC)

After Jasmine fretted over Gino possibly having “a heart attack” from pedaling too hard, he reminded her that he’s doing just fine.

Somehow this veered into his sexual performance, at which point she said that she had “never had an orgasm with” Gino.

Well, they’ve only had intercourse a whopping 7 times. But that’s still not great. Eventually, after Gino protested, Jasmine claimed that she was “joking” about faking her orgasms. Lovely people.

Gino Palazzolo has a surprise for Jasmine. It’s a ring, though perhaps not the one that she would have picked out. (TLC)

Later, they took Liz out for ice cream. (Again, we hope that she had a real celebration with friends another day)

There, Gino surprised Jasmine with a ring.

It was not a ring that she had picked out. But Gino said that he spotted it and bought it for her. It’s a gesture — a compromise.

After Gino halfway gives in to Jasmine’s demand, the two kiss at the ice cream shop. (TLC)

Jasmine clearly appreciated Gino’s conciliatory choice.

(Neither she nor, it seems, the cameras saw Gino make the purchase. It could be another $270 ring but we’ll find out)

She kissed him. A lot. They were sitting there in public, right in front of Liz.

Liz is unfortunately the third wheel to her sister’s drama. And makeup makeout. (TLC)

Poor Liz.

We wish that she’d had a better birthday. Because no part of this was about her.

But maybe now Jasmine has a ring that she’ll actually wear. Or is she still expecting a new one when the K-1 visa arrives?