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At this point on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Gorga v Giudice feud is still in full swing.

Luis Ruelas may be a manipulator, but he extended a very real olive branch to Melissa’s mom. And he did it behind Teresa’s back.

But why does Teresa have a beef with Melissa’s family? One so bad that she’d refuse to invite them to her wedding?

It turns out that it’s a short story … but it goes back a long way.

While at the shore, Melissa Gorga noted how odd it was that her own mother did not receive an invitation, when a castmate’s mother did. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Margaret Josephs managed to snag an invite to Teresa Giudice’s wedding to Luis Ruelas. How? By mentioning it.

It was a little ham fisted, sure. But she received a verbal invitation from the bride to tag along with Margaret.

Meanwhile, Teresa’s brother’s own in-laws received nothing of the sort. Melissa Gorga could not help but find that strange … and distressing. That’s her family.

During this scene, Teresa Giudice lamented not receiving an invitation to her sister-in-law’s house at the shore. She wants to be surrounded by unwavering support. By her “love bubble,” as it were. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Meanwhile, we saw Teresa complain about how Melissa had specifically not invited her to house on the shore.

In turn, she saw it as downright hypocritical for Melissa to gripe about her family not receiving wedding invites while she iced Teresa out of her home.

That said, this could be an apples and oranges situation. Besides, the Gorgas threw a luau. Teresa attended that, which is an invitation of sorts.

At the luau at the shore, Teresa Giudice did not enjoy a confrontation over her “warnings” to new Housewives about one of her castmates. (Image Credit: Bravo)

During the get-together, Teresa said that, point-blank, not inviting Melissa’s mother and sisters was “not an oversight” on her part.

“We have a history,” she said. “And I’ll leave it at that.”

But she did not, in fact, leave it at that. Producers asked her about it during the confessional. And she ended up spilling the beans.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Teresa Giudice opened up about a decade-old wound that impacted her wedding guest list. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Okay, I guess I’ll be honest,” Teresa caved. “What happened 10 years ago was I got busy and I guess they got jealous.”

At that point, the screen played a montage of old, old social media posts from Melissa’s sisters, Kim and Lysa. And from her mother, Donna.

In those posts, they accused Teresa of lying. They also labeled her a “diva.”

Lysa Simpson appeared a decade ago on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Around that time, she made an enemy of her sister’s sister-in-law. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Melissa’s mother and sister were writing stuff about me on social media,” Teresa recalled.

“And,” she noted, “I know my mother would never write about anybody on social media.”

Teresa then explained: “So I kept my distance after that.”

Even as her castmates try to encourage her to extend an olive branch, Teresa Giudice doesn’t see a difference among her brother’s in-laws. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Then, Teresa emphasized: “I respect them … I’m the type where I’ll forgive but never forget.”

However, it was Luis who ended up approaching Melissa’s mother earlier in the night.

He apologized to her about all of the wedding drama. When he told Teresa, she felt shocked by his overture. Especially since it was a unilateral move.

In this flashback, Luis Ruelas apologizes to Donna Marco over the wedding invitation drama. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Do I wish Louie would have discussed it with me prior to speaking to her? Of course,” Teresa said.

“But I love Louie,” she continued, “and I know he’s trying to be a peacemaker.”

In fact, Teresa told Luis to go invite Donna to the wedding. However, she had already left. Had the timing been slightly different, maybe all of this would have blown over before the big day.