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Just when you think you’ve seen everything, huh, Bachelor Nation?

On Wednesday, Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia appeared together via TikTok in a video that has fans of this franchise buzzing in shock:

Could the former Bachelor actually be dating one of his former suitors?

The same former suitor who he dumped on his season finale… after sleeping with her and Gabby Windey… and telling both women he loved them… because he found out he still had a chance with Susie Evans?!?

What is going on here?!? Are Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia actually an item????

Rachel and Gabby became such sympathetic figures after getting rejected in this manner that ABC named them co-Bachelorette leads last year.

Now, however?

In VERY suggestive TikTok footage this week, Recchia sat by her ex-lover’s side and responded to Michelle Young asking what was going on between the stars.

Looking over at Echard, who had his arm around his former flame, Recchia replied: “I think explaining it might give us both an aneurysm.”

Echard split from Evans in September.

For her part, Recchia broke up with Tina Franco after he cheated on her.

So the two most definitely are single — or at least have been for a few months.

Clayton merely smiled in the aforementioned video after Rachel hinted that the pair were together — but further examination of social media gives us even more reasons to think these exes are together.

FIRST, Echard posted the above message on Instagram four days ago.

“Whether you believe in a higher power or not and whether you believe “everything happens for a reason” or not…some moments just seem too impactful to be left up to chance,” he wrote as a caption.

“I don’t believe this moment happened by chance. It happened by fate.

“And I’m forever grateful for it because it’s provided me with the hope and strength to keep going…knowing I’m exactly where I need to be.”

Everything happens for a reason? Interesting.

SECOND, if you scroll down on that same post, you’ll see a few exchanges between Echard and Evans.

“I felt comfortable posting this after our talk,” Clayton tells her, to which Susie responds:

“I feel happy knowing it felt like a sign for you and look at where you are now!”

Again: Interesting. Could Clayton and Susie’s talk have centered on Recchia and the former’s desire to give love a shot with her?

Clayton Echard on Hot Seat

A bunch of ABC viewers hope this isn’t the case.

“what in the bachelor plot twist is going on,” one person commented, while another added:

“You are too good for Clayton.”

“tellllllll me this is just a forgiveness meet up,” pleaded a third.