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Remember this spring, when we reported that Kathryn Dennis nearly faced eviction over unpaid rent?

Unfortunately, some storylines repeat themselves even when they don’t make it onto Southern Charm.

Just weeks ago, Kathryn’s landlord served her with a Rule to Vacate notice. Once again, this was over unpaid rent.

Fans feel understandably worried about her finances and about her, as a person. She is going through it.

The Sun reports that Kathryn Dennis received the Rule to Vacate notice on November 17.

Specifically, this was for Kathryn’s residence in her new apartment complex. The location, of course, is Charleston, SC.

Monthly rent for apartments there range from $1,640 to $2,727 per month. Townhouses, on the other hand, can go up to $6,500 a month.

Reports say that there is no current evidence that Kathryn has responded to this notice.

However, as we previously reported, her previous landlord had a similar exchange with her.

Kathryn lived in WestEdge Apartments with erstwhile boyfriend Chleb Ravenell.

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis got a new home with her new boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, though it lacks color so far.

Allegedly, she failed to pay rent at WestEdge for February and March.

So, on March 16, she found herself receiving a Rule to Vacate notice.

Per reports and court documents, she had $9,252 in overdue rent after only two months. Ouch.

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Kathryn Dennis smirks in this scene from the Bravo hit Southern Charm.

Kathryn was able to settle that issue.

However, she received a second Rule to Vacate notice just two months later — on May 17.

The following month, Kathryn and her landlord also settled that case.

Obviously, landlords mix things up all of the time. Yes, even the lucrative businesses that rent out high-end apartments.

Anyone who has received a mistaken email demanding rent (which they’ve already paid) knows that this can happen easily.

But … three times in one year? Seemingly with two different apartments and likely by two different landlords? What is going on?

It is, of course, always theoretically possible that someone or something entirely beyond Kathryn’s control is at work.

For example, sometimes landlords use third party payment processors who can make the same mistake. Or she could have an agreement for someone to handle rent payments, and that person could have let her down.

But some Southern Charm fans wonder what her finances are really like these days.

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis spent the day at the Aquarium with her kids, Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel, during one of her supervised visits.

Disgraced former Southern Charm star and noted criminal Thomas Ravenel won custody in family court.

Many fans of the series cried foul at the ruling. Others felt resigned to this outcome from the start. Money talks, and old money talks loudest.

But we don’t just mention this because Kathryn is no longer receiving child support for their two children.

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis mocks worried friends and castmates after she returns to drinking.

Kathryn’s attorneys resigned during the case.

They claimed that Kathryn had communication issues with them, could not agree with her on important matters, and allegedly failed to pay them.

A lot of things could have fed into that — including a mental health struggle that worsened as the case turned against her. But maybe Kathryn’s financial woes are nothing new. No matter what you think of Kathryn, that’s sad.