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Even if recent Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh split rumors do not turn out to be true, Jenny definitely visited family recently.

Whether she was just in the states to film the Tell All or for a sadder reason, we do not know.

But the sight of her in the US has some Happily Ever After? fans thinking. We know so much about Sumit’s toxic family, but not that much about Jenny’s family.

Until now, that is.

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Jenny Slatten is 63 years old.

Her husband, Sumit Singh, is 33 years old. They have been together for about a decade.

Their age gap speaks for itself. But, obviously, Jenny had a life before he first catfished her. Before they fell in love.

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In Touch Weekly reports that Jenny Slatten’s ex-husband is Ralph Edwards.

He was born in 1964.

Jenny was born in 1957, seven years earlier.

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Sumit is a 33-year-old man who has confirmed that he’s very happy with how they’re living now. With zero financial or other incentives, he would want to live with his parents, the only obstacle being the tension between them and Jenny. That’s … very difficult to understand.

Yes, there was an age gap in that marriage — but only of seven years.

We know that some might be tempted to make “cougar” jokes.

But while Jenny and Sumit are in different phases of life due to their gap, seven years is pretty much meaningless. Well, unless one of you is a teenager. (Please don’t do that)

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Jenny suggests the common-sense solution, which is to get married. They are two adults in a long term committed relationship. And if Jenny marries him, she won’t have to leave. Also, they have found a marriage option that his family cannot legally prevent them from taking.

Since Jenny and Ralph divorced in 2002 after 15 years of marriage, it doesn’t look like this was the case for them.

Anyway, Ralph worked as a vocational nurse. His license for that work expired about a decade ago.

Together, the exes share three daughters and four grandchildren.

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Jenny is welcome to gatherings as a “friend” of Sumit, but his family has made it very clear that family gatherings should not include her, despite the duration of this relationship. Jenny reminds Sumit that they’re just a few weeks away from being able to marry, so she hopes that they will start including her in things after that milestone is crossed.

In May of this year, Christina took a trip to India to visit Jenny and Sumit.

It had been two years since she’d had the chance to see her mom.

(Remember, not only did Jenny move, but the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down)

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It’s not that Americans don’t wake up that early. We absolutely do — if it’s part of our chosen routine, or if we have kids, or if we ARE kids going to school, or of course if we’re being paid to get up early for work. But Jenny has been enjoying living her life happily after many years of working hard, and the idea of sacrificing this happiness to appease Sumit’s parents is really not welcome.

At the time of Jenny’s divorce from Ralph, the two had minor children.

It took years for them to work out a custody agreement.

In 2021, Jenny had to request documentation proving her divorced status — one month before marrying Sumit, of course.

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So Jenny has a whole family — children and grandchildren — in the US.

Thinking about that kind of makes Sumit’s attachment to his very toxic parents seem more selfish in some ways.

But recently, a fan spotted Jenny flying alone from New York to Palm Springs. Could it mean that the couple has split?

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It is almost certain that Jenny was leaving the Tell All — her first that she filmed in-person instead of remotely.

With no sign of Sumit with her, it could mean a breakup.

But it could also mean something more likely. What if Jenny and Sumit remain married but had to film the Tell All separately.

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It is possible that Jenny was returning to Palm Springs to await Sumit’s arrival. That would mean that they applied for a marital visa.

There have been hints of that in previews for this season. Maybe they would be happier in America.

But the most likely explanation is that, while in the US, Jenny decided to visit family before a return flight to India.