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Well, it’s been a wild season of The Bachelorette so far.

In fact, despite the fact that the series dates back to a time when much of its current cast was in kindergarten, the most recent episodes have taken the show to place never been before.

This was the first time, of course, that the show had two leads.

And even though both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are both beloved by viewers, the idea of co-Bachelorettes made many people uneasy.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are looking for love on The Bachelorette. Yes, at the same time! (Photo via ABC)

After all, this is a series that’s struggled to create even one lasting relationship in recent years.

But according to the Bachelorette spoilers that have been rolling in since this season began, the bold experiment worked out for both Gabby and Rachel!

In fact, spoiler master Reality Steve has now officially confirmed that both Windey and Recchia are now engaged!

Gabby and Rachel made it work as co-Bachelorettes. (Photo via ABC)

“Rachel is engaged to Tino,” Steve wrote in his latest blog post.

“As for Gabby, she’s engaged to Erich,” he continued, before silencing the haters by adding:

“I stand by these spoilers.”

He also noted that Zach Shallcross, who had previously been reported as one of Rachel’s top two, actually finishes third.

Zach Shallcross apparently made quite an impression on Rachel. He’s one of her final contestants! (Photo via ABC)

Steve reports that Zach essentially self-eliminates in a dramatic conversation with Rachel.

“Whether it’s him telling Rachel he’s not ready, or that it’s too serious and he’s not there yet with her, like I said, don’t know his wording,” Steve writes.

“But that convo with Jesse is a pre-cursor to Zach telling Rachel something that eliminates him at final 3. Aven is your final 2 guy.”

Rachel has had a tough time on The Bachelorette. But we think it’ll all work out in the end. (Photo via ABC)

As for Gabby, it seems that her final four will be winnowed down before the hometown round even begins.

“Only Johnny, Jason, and Erich get hometowns with Gabby. Nate gets sent home on his 1-on-1 next week, and that leaves Spencer and Logan. Neither of them get a hometown,” Steve writes.

“I don’t know what happens to Logan that gets him eliminated. I just know he doesn’t get a hometown and Gabby only had 3.”

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey on Air
Gabby and Rachel will both get what they’re looking for this season. (Photo via ABC)

Steve concluded by anticipating that promos for the remainder of the season will cause viewers to question his intel, especially after Gabby posted an Instagram pic that seemed to be a sly reference to her Paris date with Jason.

The photo below appeared on Windey’s page this week, with a caption reading, “This little piggy went oui oui oui.”

Many fans concluded that this was Gabby’s way of hinting that she wound up with Jason, but Steve insists that that’s not the case.

Is Gabby Windey’s latest pic a reference to her Paris date? (Photo via Instagram)

And there’s all those previews that offer glimpses of scenes of supposed heartbreak, in which Gabby and Rachel are both in tears.

But Steve says the promos are nothing more than the usual misdirection from the Bachelorette production team.

“I think the average fan looks at that and immediately thinks they end up dumped and alone. But after all these years, all that did was prove to me this season ends with two happy endings like I’d been told,” he writes.

The Bachelorette Teaser Trailer: Watch Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey Search for Love!
Gabby and Rachel did a LOT of traveling during filming. (Photo via ABC)

“They’re both engaged. The promos are just a misdirection like they always do. Then when they show Rachel’s face in a room crying and talking to someone and immediately give you a shot of Tino’s face, you pretty much can guarantee it’s not about him,” Steve continues.

“It wasn’t. My guess is that was her tough conversation with Zach after overnights.”

Steve says he’s also aware that many fans were hoping Rachel would wind up with Zach, and Gabby would get engaged to Jason.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey on Air
Gabby and Rachel developed a close bond this season. (Photo via ABC)

But he also says his spoilers are iron-clad, adding that he has little sympathy for viewers who wish that things had played out differently.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Jason and Zach fans. Here’s a box of Kleenex. Womp woooooooooomp,” Steve’s post concludes.

Hey, you might not like what he has to say, but the guy is pretty much always right!