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Just days ago, Larissa Lima spoke about being done with surgery after a botched nightmare.

The 90 Day Fiance legend also spoke about her home, her OnlyFans, her kids, and finances.

But Larissa has a lot more to address.

Her green card has been approved. Despite so many hurdles, she is on a path to US citizenship!

Larissa Lima has a number of updates for fans, and even teases that this is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

First and foremost, she has big news about her legal residency in the United States.

Larissa shared that her “green card was approved” and that this happened a “couple [of] weeks ago.”

Larissa gave a shoutout to Johansen Immigration Services, which is based in Idaho.

This organization helped “with my immigration journey,” she explained. She also credited her attorney.

This is a huge deal for Larissa, who has spent years in legal limbo.

During Larissa Lima’s 7-month marriage to Colt Johnson, police arrested her three times. Three.

There are still numerous missing details about these incidents, one of which resulted in domestic battery charges.

But given what we do know, and Larissa’s lack of arrests for this before or after her marriage, many regard the arrests with suspicion.

The arrests could have threatened her legal residency in the United States.

Her divorce, just seven months after marrying Colt, wasn’t doing her any favors.

Fans felt particularly alarmed when, almost two years ago, ICE detained Larissa.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul
90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima poses with boyfriend Eric Nichols in front of their U-haul as they prepare to journey to Colorado Springs to their new home.

Not everything is fully clear about that detention, Larissa was free to go just hours later.

It was the day of her big move, as she and then-boyfriend Eric Nichols left Vegas for Colorado Springs.

Larissa ended up being very unhappy there, as the city’s culture and weather were not to her liking.

Larissa Lima IG Live depression 23 April 2021

Depression is no joke. So, one year later, Larissa returned to Vegas.

At the moment, Eric lives with her as a platonic roommate, even paying her rent for his room.

Larissa’s primary source of income is OnlyFans, a platform that has brought in about $1 million for her since she joined.

Larissa’s finances aren’t the only things that are working out for her.

Her court case ended up not threatening her legal residency. Just barely.

She did not receive a traditional “guilty” verdict. Instead, she performed community service to the court’s satisfaction.

Now that Larissa received approval for her green card, her situation is a bit more secure.

Remember, until very recently, she lived under constant fear that her entire life could fall apart at any moment.

No one should live in fear of deportation like that. This must be a weight off her shoulders.

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Five years after obtaining her green card, Larissa will be able to apply for United States citizenship.

Other cast members, like Alexei Brovarnik and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava, have become naturalized citizens.

Larissa may end up deciding that this is not the life that she wants. For now, she has her options.