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Last week, Janelle Brown celebrated Independence Day with family.

Fans could not help but comment on how increasingly “independent” the Sister Wives star has been of late.

This summer, Janelle did not move into the RV on Coyote Pass as she did last year.

While fans drew some obvious conclusions, Janelle explained that it had everything to do with her daughter.

For Years, Coyote Pass has been at the epicenter of the Brown family.

Kody has big dreams for the land … dreams that will never fully come to pass, not after Christine’s departure.

Still, the property is still a fixture for what’s left of the plural marriage.

Kody Brown Premiere Pic
Kody Brown addresses his Sister Wives in this look at the Season 16 season premiere of the show.

Coyote Pass will need a lot of work before it even begins to resemble a happily ever after.

Last year, Janelle was able to enjoy being on the property by living in an RV instead of in her house.

Fans could not help but notice that she did nothing of the sort this summer. What gives?

Over the weekend, Janelle offered more answers than fans expected.

It began with a tour of her herb garden in the backyard. Naturally, her followers wondered where the RV is.

As you can see in the Instagram video clip that we included below, Janelle answered the question.

“I didn’t go to the RV this summer,” Janelle acknowledged while speaking to the camera.

The reason, she explained, had to do with her 17-year-old daughter.

“Savanah really struggled with the RV,” Janelle admitted.

“She was a trooper last year,” Janelle affirmed.

“But,” she explained, “she said, ‘Mom, this year, I just can’t.’”

Janelle then pointed out: “She’s going into her senior year.”

“So, we opted to just keep it,” Janelle continued.

Referring to the RV, she detailed that “it’s at the repair shop right now.”

“But,” Janelle added, “we’ll use it on the weekends.” 

Janelle Brown in 2022
Janelle Brown is featured here in a photo she uploaded to Instagram in early 2022. She looks so happy!

As fans will recall, Janelle teased a return to Coyote Pass just a few months ago.

This spring, she told her followers that they were “starting to get things ready” to spend the summer in Coyote Pass.

Janelle lives in Flagstaff, but gushed about how much she loves spending time on Coyote Pass in the summer.

christine is with janelle

The timing of that — months after Christine’s departure — is enough to put rumors to rest that she moved on.

Yes, Janelle lives apart from Kody, spends ample time away from him, and has been close with Christine.

But as of just a few months ago, she was planning to spend the bulk of this summer living in an RV on the family land.

Janelle Brown with a Selfie
Janelle Brown holds her camera here at a distance and snaps a selfie, which she later shared on Instagram.

Janelle absolutely did the right thing by putting her daughter’s needs first.

To her, this is one summer. To Savannah, this is a pivotal time in her life as she rapidly approaches adulthood.

Coyote Pass and those beautiful mountain views can wait one more year. Besides, Janelle still has the weekends.