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Even before Natalie Mordovtseva left Mike Youngquist, 90 Day Fiance trolls were cruel to her.

Now that it’s over, these “fans” have only doubled their efforts, demanding that she be sent back home.

Well, obviously, Natalie could not return to Ukraine right now. The nation has been invaded, its inhabitants subjected to genocide and torture.

Natalie does see those hateful messages, however. And now she has a strong message of her own.

Natalie Mordovtseva sobs 01 of 04

“This is a kind reminder to people who send me home,” Natalie began in a recent Instagram post.

“Well, I lost one,” she wrote, pointing out that this is “like many Ukrainians did.”

“For some of you who forgot that Ukraine is a country where I come from ( not Russia or any other country),” Natalie added, “just wake up!”

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There has been a persistent problem of ignorant 90 Day Fiance fans confusing Ukrainian cast members for Russians.

This was a bad thing to confuse before Russia’s brutal invasion. Now, it’s worse.

“You met me on tv,” Natalie then pointed out, “so let [it] be that way.”

Natalie Mordovtseva pets her rat

“You don’t even know what my personal character is, and how I’m in real life,” Natalie argued.

“Do you see me offending anyone back on social media??” she asked.

Natalie continued: “Or talking ugly about people who I have no clue about? NO?”

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“You see only what is made for ratings and money,” Natalie then suggested.

Notably, that is how essentially all television works, with rare exceptions — like public access, or Emmy-bait.

“And I’m sorry to disappoint you,” she claimed, “but I’m just a great entertainer!”

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“Let’s be honest, at the end of the day people want to watch a great show,” Natalie suggested.

She wrote that people simply want “to escape their own problems.”

“And,” she elaborated, “just rest their minds from work!”

Natalie Mordovtseva sits alone on the couch

“So, I’m happy to be a part of hard and extremely exhausting work process of being on tv,” Natalie said.

“And,” she then added, “dealing with all the pressure to make it watchable!”

90 Day Fiance doesn’t use a script, but the cast knows that they’re being filmed. Of course they act over-the-top.

Shows and producers know that viewers expect drama, bad behavior, and hysterics.

“If you have any ideas or delightful thoughts that you could do a great show and better than I’m,” Natalie wrote.

She encouraged: “I strongly recommend you to quit your jobs and GO FOR IT!”

Natalie Mordovtseva - it's like from horror movies

“Attempt millions of castings and apply for a job on tv!” Natalie then wrote.

“And Good luck on that!” … Are we detecting a hint of sarcasm? (Yes)

“And,” Natalie concluded, “we might meet on set one day.”

Natalie is so unhappy that Mike doesn’t believe her — and honestly, if this were their only issue, we’d say that they should work through it and move on. But this is just one sticking point of so many.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance couples should not be together. Some of them even realize it.

However, the fandom does have a very toxic tendency to cry “send them back!” at the drop of a hat.

That’s not the same as suggesting a breakup. There are alarming xenophobic undertones to statements like that.

Natalie notes that it has been a few weeks since their disastrous trip to see Trish, where she apologized to Mike and dropped the subject just to keep the peace — because discussing it was impossible and Mike always wants to move on.

When it comes to the hatred of Natalie, some fans are also being short-sighted.

She and Mike Youngquist were both the architects of their failed marriage. They were both the “villain” of their story.

Hating only one of them over their relationship seems … misguided.