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Late last year, Madison LeCroy became engaged to handsome boyfriend Brett Randle.

Ex-boyfriend and Southern Charm castmate Austen Kroll did not take it well.

Okay, that is an understatement. He actually called her “f–king Medusa.”

How does Madison feel about her former love referring to her as a hideous monster?

As viewers may recall, Austen Kroll watched Madison announce her engagement to Brett Randle last year.

“What a poor bastard he is,” Austen spat at the time.

He claimed that Brett was now condemned to a “life of servitude with f–king Medusa.”

Medusa is a gorgon, a monster from Greek mythology — fanciful tales told involving historical figures, deities, and original characters.

Her story involves a curse (or, in some versions, blessing in disguise) from Athena, transforming her into a monster.

With hair of living serpents, cursed blood, and boar tusks protruding from her teeth, merely gazing upon her face turned people to stone.

Madison LeCroy spoke about that particular insult in an interview with Page Six.

“Well, if I [were] Medusa, I would have turned his ass to stone a long time ago,” Madison quipped.

However, she joked that she will “take it as a compliment” for the volume and thickness of her hair.

Madison LeCroy on Video
Madison LeCroy is conducting a video interview in this photo of the Southern Charm star.

Madison, as Southern Charm viewers will recall, dated Austen off an on for about two years.

The couple split in 2020.

During their tumultuous relationship, they were hard to miss, and their drama spilled onto social media and beyond.

Austen’s insult came in late 2021 — and Madison had thought that the bad blood was past.

In her mind, the two of them were “civil.”

Madison shared that she thought that Austen “had moved on” emotionally, like she has.

Madison LeCroy Kisses Fiance
Madison LeCroy lays a big smooch here on some dude named Brett. She seems to be really into him, huh?

“It was until I was engaged,” Madison observed.

She pointed out that “then he started talking bad about me.”

Oh? How very interesting.

Madison LeCroy looks pretty different here, doesn’t she? The reality star has undergone a makeover.

“Because if you go back to the first episode, you know, he’s still playing games,” Madison explained.

“And then I get engaged,” she described.

“And,” Madison says, “he’s immediately upset.”

Austen Kroll
Southern Charm star Austen Kroll is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is charismatic and a loyal friend, but he’s known to get stuck in a love triangle or two.

In her opinion, Austen “showed his true colors” with that messy reaction.

It is not what she hoped to see.

If anything, Madison said, a simple “congratulations” from him would have sufficed.

Madison LeCroy Bikini Pic

“I thought that I actually was fairly nice,” Madison opined.

She explained “because I do wish the best for him.” But not anymore.

Madison announced: “But, you know, now I take that back.”

We should keep in mind that Austen has also moved on … at least, on some level.

He is dating his castmate, Olivia Flowers.

But he was not the only one with a disappointing reaction to Madison’s engagement.

Madison LeCroy in Bed
Madison LeCroy is in bed here, seemingly looking next to her and hoping someone will join her.

When news broke of her engagement, Shep Rose pulled out his wallet.

He encouraged the other guys to place bets on how long the engagement could last.

(Nine months later, she remains engaged, with her wedding scheduled for November)

Shep Rose Selfie
Southern Charm and RelationShep star Shep Rose refuses to take a normal selfie like a normal human being, but this is as close as it gets.

“I will say I was a little taken aback by Shep’s reaction,” Madison reflected.

“I mean he starts talking, and he’s like shaking, and he’s like getting all nervous, talking about me engaged,” she said.

“And I’m like, they really care about what I have going on,” Madison shaded. “Thanks, but no thanks.”