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Khloe Kardashian has a lot on her plate these days.

Just a few weeks ago, the world learned that Khloe is expecting a second child with Tristan Thompson.

Now, there are rumors that Khloe has secretly welcomed baby number two, but has decided to hold off on making her official announcement.

(Khloe’s second child was — or will be — delivered by a surrogate, so it’s not like anyone can predict the arrival by examining Instagram or paparazzi pics of the mom.)

Khloe Kardashian: YES I'm Back with Tristan Thompson! AGAIN!

But whether she just became a mother of two or is about to, Khloe is living her best life these days.

Last month — before the world knew that she had a second kid on the way — Khloe and her family took a vacation to an undisclosed island in celebration of her 38th birthday.

We still don’t know exactly where the Kards partied, but when posting pics on Instagram, the family dubbed the location #KampKoko.

Khloe shared some more trip pics this week, the most popular of which featured her and her eldest child, daughter True.

“Me and my best girl making the best memories,” Khloe captioned the post.

“I will forever have your back my angel girl

Now, most of the comments were complimenrary.

But quite a few folks reacted negatively to the news that Khloe was/is preparing to welcome a second child with Tristan Thompson.

Tristan, as you’re probably aware, has been cheating on Khloe on numerous occasions.

Most recently, he impregnated a personal trained named Maralee Nichols while he was still dating Khloe.

For this reason, there’s a widespread feeling that Khloe probably could’ve found a more suitable sperm donor.

“Huh I’m confused!!!! How and why???? I hope this isn’t so!!” one fan commented on Khloe’s vacation pics.

“Are you freakin kidding me?” another person asked.


“I’m sorry about your pregnancy,” a fourth person wrote.

Needless to say, that last commenter missed the point by a mile.

Khloe hasn’t been pregnant since she welcomed True, and despite reports to the contrary, Khloe and Tristan are not back together.

Tristan and Khloe on E!
Photo via E!

In fact, insiders say Khloe is involved with a new man!

We don’t know much about the guy, other than the fact that he’s an investment banker.

Insiders tell E! News that the “relationship is in its early stages,” but seems to be going well.

“Khloe is definitely very open to dating but isn’t forcing anything,” says one source.

Tristan and Khloe on E!
Tristan Thompson looks absolutely miserable sitting alongside Khloe Kardashian in this photo.

As for Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan was spotted partying with a mystery woman in Mykonos, Greece this week, but it seems that Khloe is cool with the fact that her ex has moved on.

“To everyone that’s freaking out about this video of Tristan in Greece with another girl, Khloe and Tristan are both single,” the administrator of a Tristan fan page wrote on Instagram this week.

“I don’t know why it would be crazy for Tristan to be with another girl as long as he’s a good dad to his baby which we don’t know when Khloe’s surrogate is due,” a commenter wrote on the post.

Tristan Thompson Spotted Hooking Up With Mystery Woman: Has He Moved on From Khloe ALREADY?!

Interestingly, Khloe “liked” the comment, which seems to be her way of saying she approves of Tristan’s parenting, as well as his new relationship/dalliance/whatever.

Yes, we’re sure that Khloe will continue to take a lot of flak for having a second kid with Tristan.

But it seems that this arrangement is working for both of them!