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It’s no secret to Teen Mom fans that Leah Messer gets some strange reactions.

She is out here, living her best life. Somehow, it’s never “enough.”

This time, Leah opened up about talking to a doctor about planning a cosmetic procedure.

As a result, her own fans are begging her to reconsider.

This week, Leah Messer shared a brief doctor’s office visit with fans.

She was with her daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

Leah told her followers that she was considering getting veneers.

Leah Messer recently posted some bikini pics. And the reaction from fans has been highly unusual.

Simply put, veneers are fake teeth, often made of dental porcelain.

Original teeth are filed down, with custom artificial teeth installed over them.

They function like regular teeth, but are gleaming white — erasing decades of natural wear and decay.

Leah Messer Suffers a Scare
Leah Messer suffers a health scare in the trailer for the new season of Teen Mom 2. Now, fans are desperate to know how the situation plays out.

“I am at my very first veneers appointment at Smile Savvy with Dr. Joya Lyons,” Leah shared.

“Jaylan got his veneers done by her husband Dr. Drew Lyons,” she detailed, “and I’m super excited.”

Leah then asked her fans and followers: “What do you guys think?”

Leah Messer on MTV
Leah Messer addresses the camera here as part of the Teen Mom crossover special in 2022.

Obviously, plenty of Leah’s fans had strong opinions about this.

First, however, she asked her daughters.

Addressing the twins, Leah asked: “What do you guys think?”

Leah Messer Screen Capture
Leah Messer is in the car here, talking to fans on Instagram about her love life.

“I’m excited,” one of her daughters exclaimed.

Leah asked: “For me?”

Together, her girls answered: “Yes,” prompting an exchange of family I-love-yous.

Leah Messer Sips a Seltzer
Some fans think that Leah Messer is pregnant. But this boozy bikini photo says otherwise!

Whatever Leah may think of her teeth, fans don’t see things the same way.

Therefore, many took to social media to opine that her teeth are already “perfect.”

“I don’t get it,” wrote a dismayed fan. “She has beautiful, natural looking teeth.”

Leah Inspires
Leah Messer is planning on launching her own self-help brand. But it seems that many fans believe she could still use some help of her own.

The commenter then predicted: “100% the veneers are going to look ugly and make her look more plastic.”

“She’ll perfectly blend in with the rest of instagram,” that same fan lamented. “Sad.” 

“Kind of baffling that someone with decent teeth is going to ruin them with veneers,” another expressed.

Leah Messer in 2021
Leah Messer has been receiving quite a bit of negative attention on social media recently. Thankfully, it seems that she’s not letting the haters get her down.

Bitterly, that commenter then added: “I hate this trend.”

Others wrote about Leah’s possible motivations for undergoing some pretty major dental work.

“Veneers have become a ‘status symbol’ for reality stars,” one noted.

Leah Messer Rocks a Sports Bra
Leah Messer showed off her new figure on Instagram this week. Fans were shocked, but she swears she did it all without plastic surgery!

That fan concluded: “Let’s see 10 years from now when they are no longer on tv, if they can afford the upkeep.”

With those responses in mind, we should remember that “upkeep” is also supposed to be one of the incentives for veneers.

We don’t know who’s right, but we do know that it’s Leah’s body.