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No matter how bleak the American political landscape may seem, there’s at least one court getting things right.

Late last year, Geoffrey Paschel was convicted following his brutal 2019 attack on his then-fiancee.

Though the disgraced 90 Day Fiance alum was sentenced to 18 years in prison, he is fighting justice at every turn.

Geoffrey filed a motion for a new trial, hoping to hoodwink a new jury with a redo. The court says no.

On Friday, June 24, Geoffrey Paschel attending his previously-delayed hearing on his motion for retrial.

The convicted abuser appeared in court via remote video.

As expected, the court denied Geoffrey’s motion for retrial. He has 30 days to appeal.

In previous coverage, we explained that the motion to retry his domestic battery and kidnapping case was a first step.

There are numerous appeals for someone like Geoffrey to attempt.

A motion for a retrial is simply the first of many.

Geoffrey Paschel New Mugshot
90 Day Fiance alum Geoffrey Paschel had a new mug shot taken when he was transferred from county jail to a correctional facility following his sentencing.

Geoffrey will have 18 long years to appeal his case.

He was found guilty by a jury of his peers. The judge recognized that he is both unrepentant and dangerous.

Even so, Geoffrey’s attorney only needs to get lucky once.

In June of 2019, Geoffrey was engaged to Kristen Wilson.

This was mere months before he began filming 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days with Varya Malina (and Mary).

He attacked Kristen in her home, slamming her face into walls, beating her, and dragging her around the house.

Geoffrey’s attack also resulted in a kidnapping charge and a charge of interfering with an emergency call.

He detained her against her will, forcing her to clean up.

Per the police report, Geoffrey also damaged Kristen’s phone, preventing her from calling for help.

Geoffrey Paschel: Found GUILTY of Domestic Assault, Kidnapping

Kristen had to courageously wait for her chance to escape.

She fled her home and made her way to a neighbor’s house, where she received sanctuary and called authorities.

Police reports indicate that Geoffrey was extremely violent even after his arrest, kicking out the window of the patrol car.

Geoffrey Paschel
This disgraced former Before The 90 Days star has a long, long history of both arrests and of accusations of horrific domestic violence. Most of us are keenly aware of how rarely these evil acts actually lead to prosecution, convictions, or real prison time. For Geoffrey, however, that changed after he attacked and brutally beat his then-fiance, an elementary school teacher named Kristen Wilson, in June of 2019 — just months before filming for the show with Varya and with Mary.

The jury found Geoffrey guilty in October of 2021.

Then, at his sentencing hearing, the judge heard alarming testimony.

Among other things, he cited that Geoffrey’s pattern of abuse and lack of remorse made him a clear danger.

Geoffrey Paschel Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Kidnapping, Brutal Assault

The court played evidence that Geoffrey had tried to use his mother and his children to manipulate his victim.

He conspired to have them appeal to Kristen, personally, to play upon her sympathies.

If this sinister ploy had worked, she might have asked the court to give him a lenient sentence.

Geoffrey Paschel speaks at home

Fortunately, she did not.

In fact, the judge recognized Geoffrey for what he is: a monster.

Many Court TV viewers were pleasantly surprised to hear the judge describe Geoffrey in such simple, accurate terms.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

Geoffrey has not admitted to his violent crimes, not even for a lighter sentence.

Part of his motive may be fear of losing support from his family and from Varya, who somehow believes him.

Sadly, he continues to fight his conviction and his sentence.

Geoffrey Paschel at trial

One of the sticking points that Geoffrey’s attorney put forward was the testimony of his ex-wife.

Allison Moon did not testify at his trial, but did speak at his sentencing.

Geoffrey has a long history of accusations of horrific violence.

90 Day Fiance Before: Geoffrey Scolds Varya

The court needed to know that Kristen was not the first.

Allison told the court about the violence and horrific threats that she faced.

She testified about how Geoffrey had hit her, dragged her, sexually assaulted her, and threatened her life.

Geoffrey on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Geoffrey is a handsome man who is looking for love overseas and found it.

Geoffrey’s attorney then complained that it was unfair that she spoke at the sentencing hearing.

However, the prosecutor emphasized at last week’s hearing that the defense was well aware of her testimony beforehand.

We’re sure that Geoffrey will continue to try to wriggle out of facing consequences for his heinous crimes.