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Recent photos of Gia Giudice have fans fearing that she’ll live to regret her “botched” face.

We will admit — the 21-year-old The Real Housewives of New Jersey star looks conspicuously different in these pics.

But Gia did not immediately come forward to announce any new, recent “work.”

… However, Gia has opened up about one procedure that forever altered her face.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; we will start with Gia Giudice’s conspicuous makeover.

While fans wouldn’t call it a “glow up,” she does look distinctly different from how she looked in January — or March.

Gia is a deeply gorgeous young woman, though fans are now concerned that a flubbed procedure may have dulled her shine.

At the risk of being blunt, Gia’s nose looks different.

Then there are her cheekbones, which appear to stand out more in photos.

One more commonplace difference is her lips. Did Gia get lip fillers?

While the answer wasn’t immediately obvious, plenty of commenters were happy to jump to conclusions.

Concerned commenters bombarded Gia with worry that she would one day regret “messing with” her face.

Others disagreed, debating whether her current visage was by design or the result of a tragic mishap.

Whether Gia got the results that she wanted or not, fans have some … notes.

The stereotype for cosmetic surgery is that people want to look younger than their actual age.

But 21-year-old Gia could pass for 30 in some of her photos from the last few months.

Gia is welcome to look however she likes … but did she really, truly intend to look older?

Fans then debated amongst themselves how she had gone about changing her looks.

Was it makeup? Was it surgery? Or did she have fillers injected — fillers that will eventually dissolve on their own?

Gia deserves to have whatever face her heart desires — a goal that few can attain.

If she wants to look like a divorcee, that’s her business.

But if she had bad luck, either with injected fillers or with cosmetic surgery, that would be heartbreaking.

This photo, of Gia wearing a raspberry bikini, is less recent, dating back to earlier this year. It’s clearly different.

While we wish that people did not directly bombard Gia with nosy questions (or insults) in her comments, we admittedly share their curiosity.

Gia has not directly clapped back at fans, but her past comments may shed some light on her new face.

Gia Giudice Praised for Advising Teresa to Apologize: She's the Mature One!

Less than two years ago, in July of 2020, then-19-year-old Gia Giudice opened up about her nose job.

“I’m absolutely in love with it [heart eyes emoji],” she wrote at the time.

“I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while,” Gia expressed in 2020.

Gia Giudice bikini

“And,” Gia wrote nearly two years ago, “I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!”

That clearly illustrates her comfort level with cosmetic surgery … and with sharing that she received it.

So does that mean that Gia definitely went under the knife again, or that she would have told us? Things remain unclear.