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In recent years, The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have given Gia Giudice a hard time.

She is now a young woman, and some viewers don’t like her or her presence on the show. It happens.

More recent comments have had less to do with Gia’s role on TV and more to do with her face.

Gia looks radically different than she did just a few months ago. Fans now fear that her features are botched for life.

To put it bluntly, Gia Giudice’s recent transformation is not a mystery.

Her face has changed dramatically from how it looked in January, or even March.

Fans fear that this stunningly beautiful young woman may have marred her features.

We’re no experts, but it looks like her nose is a different shape.

Gia’s cheekbones appear almost suspiciously prominent.

Fans have speculated that she may have obtained lip fillers, as well.

The comments under Gia’s photos range from concerned to cruel to downright sad.

People are telling her that she will regret “messing with” her face.

Fans don’t understand why someone as astonishingly beautiful as Gia would do this?

Others have observed that Gia appears to have aged herself with these alterations.

Many people undergo cosmetic work to look younger, but for young patients, the effect can be the opposite.

Gia is 21 years old. In some of her recent photos, she could pass for 30.

That’s not terrible, but it shouldn’t be the case.

Some of the panic may be overblown — injectibles can change the lips, cheeks, and nose without being permanent.

Perhaps Gia is trying out something new, and the fillers will dissolve on their own.

Obviously, we here at THG have long taken the position that someone’s body is their own business.

Not everyone feels that way, though.

The real question, in this case, is whether Gia wanted these results … or whether the whole thing was botched.

This photo depicts what Gia looked like just a few months ago.

Fans have gone to these “older” photos (we’re talking pics from January and March) to mourn Gia’s former face.

While that is a reasonable way to feel (up to a certain point), it seems weird to write that in her actual comments.

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Now, Gia has not “clapped back” at any criticism just yet.

Instead, she seems to be living her life.

She certainly is not shying away from sharing photos of her face, despite the conspicuous differences.

Gia Giudice bikini

Those who are concerned should brace themselves for the possibility that Gia likes her new look.

She is probably fixated upon “flaws” to her natural face that the rest of us cannot see, and may see looking much older as a tradeoff.

We hope that she is happy with her appearance, no matter what. Her opinion is what matters, here.

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Actually, fans may also be wondering what Gia’s family thinks of her shiny new face.

It is likely that they have various opinions, and that not all of them will voice those opinions authentically.

We are, after all, talking about reality TV stars.