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Ariela and Biniyam’s lives were already complicated enough.

90 Day Fiance is teasing a major game-changer for these two. Pregnancy scares are never easy.

This sneak peek clip of Season 9, Episode 12 shows the moment that Ari suspects that she’s pregnant.

Leandro is there, Bini is insecure about it, and Ariela is all but losing her mind. Take a look:

This sneak peek clip, which you can see below, begins with Biniyam Shibre resenting Leandro’s presence.

Leandro is one of Ariela’s best friends. He is essentially part of her family. Oh, and he’s her ex-husband.

While he has been very courteous with Bini, both in Ethiopia and in New Jersey, Bini doesn’t like that he’s visiting.

It’s interesting, because Leandro has moved on — he has a girlfriend — and Ariela is unreasonably devoted to Bini.

At first, we assumed that Bini is suspicious because serial cheaters tend to think that everyone else is also a cheater.

It is also possible that Leandro’s easy friendship with Ari makes Biniyam envious,

As the clip continues, Ariela pokes her head out of the bathroom.

She has, she reveals, not been feeling well.

Oh no!

Both her future husband and her ex-husband ask what is troubling her.

It turns out that she is just generally feeling unwell, for the most part.

Which does lead her to some bad news.

Ariela shares that, in light of her illness, she is not up for going out.

She had planned on going shopping.

Now, that plan must be put on hold.

Leandro’s reaction helps us to realize that this was no ordinary shopping trip.

He reminds her that he is leaving soon, so this may be her last chance for him to accompany her.

This is no quick run to Target — Ariela is postponing shopping for a wedding dress.

Nonetheless, Ariela will have to go without Leandro’s input, even though he’s her good friend.

As the men both ask what is troubling her, she shares that she has felt nauseated.

That could be a symptom of almost anything, but one ailment in particular comes to mind.

Leandro prefaces his question by acknowledging that it may be a little personal.

However, when did Ariela last have her period?

Morning sickness involves nausea, and morning sickness and a missed period are often the first signs of pregnancy.

This is, to put it simply, the last thing that Ariela needs right now.

She is engaged to an aspiring MMA fighter who has no means of working yet in the US.

They have one small child. They have a lot of relationship issues to work out before they grow their family.

Many people might naturally ask a couple of they had been hoping to have a child. Leandro asks just that.

Ariela’s reaction alone might have told Leandro that the answer is “no.”

Regardless, Biniyam objects to him asking about it.

He considers it to be an inappropriate question.

That is fair, though complicated — because we all know that Biniyam resents Leandro.

Leandro immediately backs off. He’s such a respectful guy, but Bini won’t be happy until he leaves.

Biniyam has a suggestion for his fiancee, however.

He suggests that they get a pregnancy test.

That is a logical next step.

Ariela agrees that this is the next logical step.

But Biniyam cannot drive himself to get her a test.

And she is not feeling well enough to drive herself or to drive Bini.

Leandro volunteers to drive Biniyam.

Notably, he doesn’t offer to just grab it himself — he clearly wants to respect Bini’s boundaries by being as helpful as possible.

(We’re not sure why Ari didn’t just order a pregnancy test for delivery later that day, but whatever)

Ariela does acknowledge how deeply silly the situation is.

Her ex-husband is going to drive her future husband to get a pregnancy test for her.

What a mess. But at least it’s an amicable mess.

Here is the sneak peak itself for your viewing pleasure.

While we predict that Ariela and Biniyam are not actually expecting, it’s always possible that they kept this secret.

All of this would have been filmed in September of last year, so the math suggests that the news would have leaked. Just saying.