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Anna Duggar turned 34 years old on Thursday, June 23.

And she celebrated the occasion by breaking her social media silence… via a truly bizarre and seemingly disturbing Instagram post.

The mother of seven, of course, is married to Josh Duggar.

This is man who molested his own sisters as a teenager…and confessed to cheating on his spouse… and was convicted on child sex abuse charges in December.

And yet: Anna has shown no signs that she plans to divorce Josh Duggar.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as Anna last posted to Instagram several months ago, about two months after Josh was found guilty of downloading sexually graphic material of kids under the age of 12.

Back then, Anna simply wrote “there’s more to the story,” linking to legal documents filed by her husband’s defense attorneys.

These documents argued that Josh’s case should be thrown out because someone else downloaded that material.

A judge subsequently rejected this appeal.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

Fast forward to Anna’s birthday and self-congratulatory message.

“Officially 34,” she wrote at the top, adding:

Fourteen years since I said, “YES.”

We’ll stop there for a moment and remark on how strange and how sad it is that Anna instantly connects her birthday with the day she got engaged.

Josh and Anna Duggar Get Fancy

It’s pretty symbolic, isn’t it?

It shows how Anna considers her identity to be wrapped up in being Josh’s wife.

This is especially depressing when you factor in all Josh had done over the years — it’s not as though she’s hitching her romantic wagon to any kind of Prince Charming, you know?

From there, meanwhile, Anna appeared to cite her spouse and hint that she was on her way to see him.

Road-tripping to visit my bestie, Anna continued.

As many readers have noted, Anna has often referred to Josh as her “bestie” in the past.

Moreover, to be frank, Anna doesn’t exactly have a lot of friends… and those to whom she’s remotely close live close to her in Arkansas.

But Josh is in a detention center, and it would require a road trip for Anna to go spend time with him.

Josh and Anna Throwback

Concluded Anna in her post:

Even If by MercyMe on repeat. Jesus, I will cling to You, come what may. You’ve been faithful. You’ve been good.

Is Anna giving herself some props here at the end? By saying she’s been faithful to Josh and she’s been a good wife?

If so, once again, all we can really say is… it’s all just so, so sad.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback

“She won’t move on with another man,” a source close to the situation recently told Us Weekly of Anna, emphasizing that she’s committed to her marriage.

“They don’t believe in divorce.”

As for what Anna does plan to do?

Not a whole lot in terms of anything practical when it comes to her children.

Anna Duggar Goes QAnon Crazy

“They look up to God and pray tirelessly for their family,” the source added, stating that Anna is “very devout” in her faith.

“She’s going to stand by her husband and she’s going to continue raising their kids to the best of her ability.”

Josh Duggar will soon be moved to a federal prison, perhaps in Texas.

He was sentenced to 151 months behind these bars back on May 25, despite Anna having written a letter to the judge that defended her husband and begged for leniency.