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In a sit-down with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Dateline Friday night, Amber Heard admitted that she’s terrified of getting sued by Johnny Depp again.

“I guess that’s what a defamation lawsuit is meant to do,” the actress said in her first interview since she lost her high-profile case against her famous ex-husband.

“It’s meant to take your voice.”

As it turns out, however, Heard’s voice isn’t the only thing she’s lost amid this legal battle against Depp.

She’s also lost a lot of money.

Specifically, Heard owes Depp $8.4 million after a jury of her peers determined that Heard caused damage to Depp’s career and reputation due to a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post.

Heard did not cite Depp by name in this piece.

But she said she was a victim of domestic abuse, and Depp pounced on the reference, filing a lawsuit against his former spouse because he said readers would presume he was the person who abused her.

Shortly after Heard was found guilty, meanwhile, a source told Page Six that Heard was broke.

Between mounting legal fees and a generally lavish lifestyle, Heard simply cannot afford to pay Depp what is now owed.

The legal bill for Heard’s team of lawyers was mostly footed by The Travelers Companies under terms of the actress’s insurance policy, this same insider explained as an example of these money troubles in early June.

And now we have further proof that the star is struggling.

Amber Heard Leaves Court

Late Thursday afternoon, Heard was spotted at a TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, New York.

Granted, this is a rather upscale town.

But TJ Maxx is not exactly an upscale department store.

Accompanied by her sister, Heard donned jeans and an oversized white button-down T-shirt while looking at clothes that afternoon.

Amber Heard In the Courtroom

For context? And by comparison?

Depp spent $60,000 on a party three weeks ago to celebrate the verdict.

On Sunday, he performed with frequent musical partner Jeff Beck on Sunday at the Helsinki Blues Festival, smiling for thousands in attendance as he rocked out.

“The trial was necessary, but he is happy that it’s over. Although he is relieved about the jury’s verdict, he isn’t gloating about it,” a source told People Magazine about Depp, very clearly lying about the whole gloating part.

Amber Heard Testifies

Heard, for her part, told Guthrie during their recent interview that she stands by “every word” of the testimony she gave on the stand — and said Depp lied repeatedly when he claimed he hadn’t abused her during their “ugly” marriage.

She blamed social media for the way she was perceived during the trial, too.

Heard believes the criticism across these platforms played a role in how the jury — which was not sequestered — viewed her.

“What I learned in that trial is, it’s never going to be good enough,” she said on NBC.

“If you have proof, then it was a scheme — it was a hoax. If you don’t have proof, it didn’t happen.

“If you have a bruise, it’s fake. If you don’t have a bruise, then violence clearly didn’t hurt you. If you told people, then you’re hysterical.

“If you didn’t tell anyone, it didn’t happen.”

Depp v Heard

Heard also thinks, and it’s hard to blame her here, that the verdict said a lot about how people look at victims in cases such as this.

“I’m not a good victim, I get it,” she confessed to Guthrie.

“I’m not a likable victim. I’m not a perfect victim, I get it. I’m not a saint.

“I’m not asking anyone to like me.”