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In the summer of last year, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon welcomed Baby #2.

Being 22 years old and a mother of two is no easy feat, even with a reality TV income and the help of husband Joshua Efird.

Now, the Mama June: Road to Redemption is cooking up not one, but two new grandchildren for June.

That’s right, Lauryn is pregnant with twins.

Lauryn Shannon Recoils in Horror
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Lauryn’s twins will be two new grandchildren for Mama June Shannon.

But the twins are also due in the month of June.

According to TMZ, Lauryn’s approximate due date is June 18.

Lauryn Shannon and Hubby
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Lauryn is about seven months along in her pregnancy.

She is expecting a girl and a boy — fraternal twins.

Lauryn and Joshua are already parents to 4-year-old Ella and to 9-month-old Bentley.

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Lauryn has also significantly stepped up in recent years to provide love and support to none other than Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

While Alana is her younger sister and not her child, Lauryn was her best option when June was no longer able to look after herself, let alone Alana.

In a house of rampant drug use, Alana was no longer safe, so she moved in with Lauryn.

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Lauryn became her guardian.

Additionally, legal steps were taken to prevent June from accessing any of Alana’s money.

June burned through seven figures of money and lost her house, all to buy drugs during her downward spiral, but Alana’s money was made safe.

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Having Alana and a small child in the house could not have been easy for anyone involved.

Finite space and a lot of stressors — including June’s downward spiral — had to make this difficult, no matter how much love everyone shared.

But considering alternatives, like the unthinkable idea of Alana living with Sugar Bear … it was the best call for everyone.

Lauryn Shannon is Furious
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About one year ago, Lauryn sounded on the fence about a second child.

She already had Ella and a lot going on in her life.

But later that month, she announced that she was pregnant. In July, she gave birth to Bentley.

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As many concerned fans have observed, Lauryn is young to be a parent at all.

She is about to be a mother of four, and first began her parenthood journey as a teenager.

Now she is adding twins to a household of two small children. It’s a recipe for chaos, not for sleep or having a life.

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But we should all keep in mind that, within the Shannon family, Lauryn is hitting these milestones later in life, not earlier.

June had Anna when she was 14 years old, the age of an 8th grader — a true babies-having-babies situation.

This was just one part of the horrors and injustices that June faced during her life, and many of her children experienced the same.

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June was able to escape that life only by, let’s face it, putting Alana through what no child should experience — child pageantry.

While most of us try to avoid watching children’s lives being ruined before our very eyes, Toddlers & Tiaras had a real viewership.

It was through that show that the Shannon-Thompson family was discovered, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was born.

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Hopefully, Lauryn’s children can have an even better chance at life than Lauryn has had.

Mama June: Road to Redemption can help with that, so long as the show keeps running.

We will all be interested to follow Lauryn as her journey continues. Her household is about to go crazy.