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This would explain it.

Speaking to Dolores Catania last week on Watch  What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the talk show host  said of the recently-taped Real Housewives of  New Jersey reunion:

"It was really upsetting… I’m not right from it, and this is what I do."

Joe Gorga on RHONJ

We’re pretty sure we now know what Cohen was talking about.

According to Page Six, Joe Gorga stormed off the set during an intense conversation several days ago about his relationship with his 21-year-old niece, Gia Giudice.

As loyal Bravo viewers know well, the relatives frequently butted heads during Season 12 over negative comments he had made about her dad, Joe Giudice.

An insider (with "direct knowledge of the situation," as described by the aforementioned outlet) says that Joe — who is married to Melissa Gorga and is the older brother of Teresa Giudice — grew extremely "upset over the family drama with Gia" on set.

To what extent?

Page Six reports that Gorga screamed at the reunion:

“I quit. It’s not worth it. This is my family. I’m done!”

He then fled from the stage.

The articles goes on to say "Cohen quickly stepped in and begged Teresa to run after Joe."

“Andy said to Tre, ‘Go get your brother. We cannot have him quitting the show. Go get him,’” the Page Six source explains.

Teresa reportedly obliged and went to go speak with her sibling offstage.

It’s unclear, however, if that conversation was filmed… or if Gorga has actually gone ahead and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It seems unlikely, don’t you think?

Teresa Giudice with a Smile

Back in February, Joe Gorga trashed Joe Giudice as "the devil," promoting Gia to defend her father as follows:

"I’m an adult now, so you can talk to me like one. Because I’m done with you being disrespectful.”

Joe fired back by basically slamming his sister and his former brother-in-law, who was deported from the United States after spending time in jail for bankruptcy fraud.

"I would never allow my daughter to talk to my aunt or my uncle [like that]," Gorga said to Gia on the episode. "I mean, where were you raised?"

As for Joe Gorga allegedly losing it?

Kim DePaola confirmed it really did happen on last week’s edition of the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast with host David Yontef.

She said on air that things got "so ugly" on the reunion, adding:

"Joe Gorga storms off the stage. He storms off and Andy makes Teresa go chasing after him. Joe Gorga is really over it.

"He’s just really over it. Andy felt Theresa needed to go get him."