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Kanye West is a man with a lot of anger and hostility inside of him.

And anyone who’s been watching the rapper’s career long enough knows that he’ll start a feud with just about anyone who rubs him the wrong way.

Earlier this week, Kanye briefly posted his current list of enemies to Instagram, reminding fans that he’s currently at odds with a wide array of fellow rappers, singers, actors, and politicians.

He’s even got beef with a pig.

Kanye and Peppa

Yes, alongside such high profile names as Taylor Swift and Pete Davidson, one entry on Kanye’s list sparked a ton of confusion among fans:

We’re talking, of course, about British children’s television star Peppa Pig.

And why would a billionaire hip hop icon and sneaker mogul harbor ill will toward a cartoon farm animal?

Well, the negativity stems from an incident that occurred over the summer, when the soundtrack for Peppa’s TV show received a surprisingly solid review of 6.5 out of 10 from the venerated music website Pitchfork.

That beat out West’s Donda album, which only received a 6/10.

Peppa — or whoever runs her Twitter account — decided to seize the opportunity to engage in some uncharacteristic gloating.

“Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz stadium to get that .5," the pig tweeted.

Kanye West Has Issues

The shade was quickly deleted, but Twitter trash talk lives forever, especially when Kanye is involved.

Thousands screenshotted and reposted the tweet along with their own commentary.

“Dang, did that really happen to Kayne West,” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Nah lol, not Peppa Pig throwing shade at Kanye," another added.

The episode might have been forgotten about were it not for Kanye’s decision to post a tweet from the Hip Hop By Numbers account, which took a guess at his 2022 enemies list.

"Come on guys the list is twice as long,” West joked in the caption.

Ye quickly deleted the post, but not before his followers began calling him out for the absurdity of his many beefs.

Sure, some of these are not surprising.

The whole world knows that Kanye is beefing with Kim Kardashian, Drake and Kylie Jenner.

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories

(Fun fact: Insiders say West suspects Drake of sleeping with Kim and Kylie. Yes, Yeezy is really that deranged!)

But Lois Vuitton? Harriett Tubman?! Dannis Haysbert, aka the deep-voiced dude from the Allstate ads?!

Most people in Kanye’s shoes would see a list like that and take it as a sign that their life had spiraled out of control.

Kanye West Puts on a Smile

Hell, just the idea of having an enemies list would seem insane to anyone who’s not Richard Nixon or some sort of paranoid dictator!

But Yeezy saw the post and doubled down by adding a few names of his own:

"You gotta put Apple Spotify Vivendi Universal Lucien Grange Tik Tok Black History Month Obama the whole cast of SNL Hillary Clinton Corey Gamble Bezos Charlamagne Disney Librals and of course Skete and any and all corny sh-t in general," he wrote.

Kanye West at a Computer

"Can somebody from Chicago let these people know what Skete meant when we was growing up  It’s up for everybody!!!!! Wow Being rich is fun!!!!" West continued

Skete, of course, is Kanye’s nickname for Pete Davidson.

It’s also slang for semen, which should give you an idea of the extent to which Kanye’s brain has been broken by his ex-wife’s new relationship.

It might seem like Peppa and Pete don’t have a whole lot in common, but they both have fan bases that skew young, and they’re both freakishly tall!

That’s something Ye might want to keep in mind before he pushes this beef any further.

Yes, he’s got some loyal supporters of his own, but the pig is freakin’ 7’1", and the Peppa Posse does not mess around!