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For the past three months, we’ve been reporting on the news that John David Duggar’s wife Abbie Burnett is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

There’s been no official announcement yet, but fans picked up on several hints which seem to indicate that Abbie is indeed expecting.

The first clue came back in November when she posted the photo below to her Instagram page in honor of her wedding anniversary.

"It was a HAPPY anniversary!" Abbie captioned the photo.

John David and Abbie's Pregnancy Announcement?

That may seem like a pretty unremarkable sentiment, but commenters were convinced that the all-caps "HAPPY" was Abbie’s way of sending a subtle message about her forthcoming bundle of joy.

If that were the only clue, then perhaps we’d think that the well-wishers were being too hasty in their congratulations.

But a second clue came this week, when fans noticed that Abbie’s Pinterest page was loaded with ideas for a gender reveal party.

John David Duggar and His Wife

The Duggars used to shout pregnancy rumors from the rooftops — procreation is what made the family famous, after all — but in the wake of the latest Josh Duggar sex scandal, they’re keeping a much lower profile.

However, according to one source, that’s not the only reason that Abbie and John David are keeping this news to themselves.

A new report from vlogger Katie Joy claims that Abbie has been experiencing painful and debilitating complications during her second pregnancy.

"Rumors have been flying that Abbie Duggar is pregnant," Joy wrote alongside alongside the above photo of John, Abbie, and their daughter Grace.

"Redditors found her Pinterest page where she has been pinning gender reveal pins recently," Joy continued.

"I reached out to a source who knows Abbie and they allege that Abbie is pregnant with their second child."

Abbie and John Duggar

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Abbie has been suffering from a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes severe morning sickness and can result in hospitalization in extreme cases.

"My source alleges that she’s dealing with severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. She had this condition with Gracie," Joy wrote.

"My source alleges it’s worse this time & she’s ‘profusely ill’ and struggling to care for Gracie and herself."

Joy claims that the condition is so severe that Abbie has had difficulty walking under her own power.

"A few weeks ago Abbie was seen at a consignment sale in a wheelchair," the reporter claims.

John David and Abbie Duggar and Grace

"According to my source, Abbie has been extremely sick. She has been struggling to take care of herself and Gracie."

Joy says her source does not know how far along Katie is but suspects that the former reality is soon to enter her second trimester.

"My source wasn’t sure how far along Abbie is but they allege she’s ‘about 12 weeks pregnant,’" Katie writes.

John David and Abbie: 12 Weeks!

Historically, the end of the second trimester is when Duggar women announce that they’re pregnant, but it sounds as though Abbie will be laying low for at least a little while longer.

And we certainly don’t blame her for that.

Fortunately, many victims of hyperemesis gravidarum find that their symptoms begin to subside as their pregnancy progresses.

John, Abbie, and Grace on Christmas

So hopefully, the worst is over for Abbie.

Our thoughts go out to her as she endures what sounds like a seriously painful ordeal.

We’ll have further updates on this situation as new information becomes available.