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It’s a steep fall from Real Housewife of Orange County to reactionary podcaster.

Kelly Dodd’s diminished platform still allows her to say whatever she wants to paying subscribers.

She’s now using it to reignite her pointless feud with Heather Dubrow.

The disgraced former Housewife is telling the returning Bravo star to “go f–k” herself. Charming.

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You know that thing when rich people with extremely bad opinions and barely functioning cognitive abilities turn themselves into fake newscasters?

Well, Kelly Dodd and her husband, Rick Leventhal (who actually is a newscaster, or close enough) are doing the same.

The name of their Patreon-hosted podcast is Unmasked, because of course it is.

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Kelly’s sycophants who actually pay her each month to hear her rants are in for an earful.

In a “teaser” clip, Rick asks Kelly what she would say to Heather Dubrow if she saw her face to face.

“Go f–k yourself!” Kelly announces, because of course she does.

Kelly hten excitedly adds: “Go sue me!”

“Sue me!” she challenges Heather. “Lawyer up, clean up my bank account.”

Kelly sneers: “Let’s see how that goes for you.”

Kelly Dodd is Off Her Rocker

“Pretentious bitch,” Kelly then spits.

She is, of course, referring to how she previously accused Heather’s son of giving her COVID-19.

Kelly later apologized for the “joke,” but is clearly now feeling less apologetic … with some obvious motives for it.

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Heather left the series in 2017 but is due to return.

But Kelly alleges that Heather’s reason for leaving was partially out of her hands.

“Heather got demoted and her ego got to her,” Kelly claims.

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“In her statement she does, she says she quit because she didn’t like it,” Kelly accuses, “because of the climate.”

She declares: “Well, that’s not true! She got demoted, she didn’t like it, her ego got the best of her.”

“Did she quit herself? Yeah,” Kelly admits. “But she got demoted to a friend role.”

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious

Kelly and Heather have publicly feuded for years, of course.

Heather disliked Kelly, and Kelly’s obvious personality issues make it easy for her to clash with any person at any time.

Despite this mutual dislike, they were apparently at a New Year’s Eve party … on a year when most responsible people skipped them.

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As hard as this may be for some of us to understand, Kelly and Heather and Heather’s son and his friends were among other guests at a New Year’s Eve party.

(I haven’t sat down at a restaurant in, checking my imaginary watch here, 533 days … but some people threw large parties in 2020)

Kelly claimed earlier this year that this is where she and Rick contracted the novel coronavirus.

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Kelly might rage and spread dangerous misinformation about the virus and masks in a contrarian way that earns her praise from all of the wrong people.

But as much as she might misuse her platform, she did get vaccinated this summer.

Credit where credit is due: she did the bare minimum to avoid dying or being a danger to others in that one regard.

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Real talk? It’s obvious why Kelly is trying to stir things up with Heather right now and thinks that it could be worth an expensive lawsuit.

Kelly is trying to launch this podcast on a subscription platform better known for erotic furry art than for journalism or whatever she calls what she does.

As always, Kelly wants attention, and will put any name in her mouth if she thinks that she can make a splash.