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Meri Brown is once again on the move.

The veteran Sister Wives star can’t seem to stay in one place these days, often traveling from Flagstaff, Arizona to Utah in order to keep an eye on her bed and breakfast.

But she also went to Cancun last month.

And now she’s off to Florida.

Meri in Florida

Meri recorded a video late last week from The Sunshine State, telling followers during her weekly Fridays with Friends segment.

“Y’all, I am in Orlando, Florida right now and I didn’t bring my real tripod thing so my arm’s gonna get tired," Brown told those tuning in.

The TLC personality was on the trip without her questionable husband, Kody, which might explain why she came across as so very cheerful throughout the hour-long video.

This mood even prompted one Sister Wives fan to ask if she was “buzzed.”

Meri Brown Makeover

We’re pretty sure this individual meant drunk, but Brown replied as follows:

“Buzzed on life!”

Later in the footage, Meri implied the vacation has no end date when one fan asked if she planned on going to Disney World for a Halloween event.

"Not this week," she responded. "I don’t have time actually to go to one of the parks here, but there might be somewhere next week. I’m just saying.”

Meri Brown in Nature: A Photo

It’s unclear whether Meri is in Florida for business or pleasure.

She flew down to Cancun recently, as mentioned above, as part of her role as a major salesperson for LuLuRoe.

She’s since come under scalding hot fire due to her association with this company, which many people believe to be a pyramid scheme.

The Sister Wives star isn’t about to walk away from the business, however. She defended it with passion just a few weeks ago.

Meri Brown in a Large Hat

"There’s a reason things happen the way they do," Brown wrote in late September of the controversy.

"I know in my heart that the timing for me to find LuLaRoe and get involved at the time I did was right for me, for my well-being, for my healing.

"And that’s what these past five years have done for me."

Meri Brown in Cancun

The reality star went on to write at the time that the company has "helped me heal, helped me find peace and joy, helped me discover the ME I have always been, and who I, at times, was hiding from and running from.

"It feels good to be at peace, to know that my happiness only comes from within, and that whatever external forces are trying to bring me down, well, they can just keep trying."

To conclude her post, which was basically an eff-you to critics, Meri wrote:

I’m loud and proud LuLaRoe. 

Meri Brown, All Smiles

I’m grateful to have a company like this to be involved with, a company flooded with women and men who lift each other up, a company that wants to see me succeed, a company whose owners pray for each one of us daily, a company of integrity.

Gotta wonder if all the women who have lots all their savings by working with LuLuRoe feel the same way.

Sister Wives, meanwhile, returns with new episodes on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.