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It’s not often that we get to follow a Love After Lockup star through not one but two obviously-doomed relationships.

Sure, there’s Michael Simmons, who keeps estranged wife Sara waiting for him in an upstate New York trailer while he pursues ladies in different area codes, but those relationships took place concurrently.

Perennial dumbass Shawn Osborne is in a very different position.

He got used, abused, and casually discarded by Destinie, who capped the relationship off by going to back to prison (where she still calls Shawn and asks him for money on the regular).

Having apparently learned nothing from the situation that decimated his bank account and left his children and their mother in tears, Shawn decided to embark on a relationship with a second inmate.

Now, it’s not Sara Isaac’s fault that she got involved with such a top-tier schmuck as Shawn.

After all, she probably wasn’t able to watch the show while she was locked up, and since Shawn is a pathological liar, she couldn’t have possibly known what sort of situation she was walking into.

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Yet again, Shawn lied about his age and how many children he has, a tendency that must really make his kids feel special.

Anyway, we expected the relationship to mercifully flame out, just like Shawn’s relationship with Destinie.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

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As our friends at Starcasm report, it looks as though Shawn and Sara are married and expecting a child together.

Yes, despite his inability to support the six kids he already has, Shawn has decided to welcome a seventh with a much-younger woman who just got out of prison.

What could possibly go wrong?!

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To be clear, we think it’s Shawn who will colossally eff things up here, not Sara, who appears to be one of the more stable castmates in LAL history.

Anyway, according to Starcasm, both Sharrell’s World and RealiTeaSquad — both reliable sources on all things LAL — have confirmed the pregnancy news.

According to the latter, Sara’s ex spilled that particular tea in July.

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The news that Shawn and Sara have officially tied the knot was confirmed by Ohio court documents, which reveal that the couple filed for their marriage license on July 20 and gor married a month later on August 24.

Lockup producers seem to have unintentionally confirmed these reports, first by featuring a positive pregnancy test in a preview trailer.

(The footage was manipulated in such a way as to make it appear that the test belonged to Daonte and Nicole, but insiders confirm that it’s Shawn and Sara’s.)

After that, the show accidentally included a shot in which Sara can be seen rockin’ what appears to be an engagement ring.

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Well, we certainly can’t say we saw this one coming, but we’d like to offer our congratulations to both Shawn and Sara.

Osborne’s desperate financial straits and general toddler-like mentality might mean a rough future ahead, but Love After Lockup fans are used to being confronted with unsettling updates about their favorite (and least-favorite) stars.

Occasionally, you get an an encouraging update, like the news that Doug is back in prison and Rachel has full custody of Dougie.

But mostly, it’s stuff like this that just makes you shake your head and wonder.