Joy-Anna Duggar: Here's Why Fans Think She's Pregnant With Baby #3!

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Joy-Anna Duggar has always been one of the quieter members of her massive family.

So now that all of the Duggars are keeping a lower profile, she's more or less disappeared from public view.

Ever since Josh Duggar's arrest on child pornography charges, Joy and sisters have been posting far less often on social media, probably on Jim Bob's orders.

And now, it looks as though Joy might have had added motivation for staying away from the 'Gram.

Joy-Anna Duggar Goes Blonde

Yes, fans are convinced that Joy-Anna is pregnant with her third child.

As is usually the case with this sort of thing, the theory is based on nothing more than a single photo of Joy, which means that all of the speculation is actually quite rude.

But in fairness, at least this time, it's based on a photo in which Joy seems to be hiding her midsection, so we're not dealing with some sort of passive-aggressive fat-shaming.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Pregnant With Baby #3?

Anyway the pic above appeared on Joy and husband Austin Forsyth's earlier this week.

And almost immediately, the comments section exploded with amateur uterine sleuths, most of whom were thoroughly convinced that Joy is knocked up.

"No 3?" one comment reads, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Joy-Anna Announces

"That was my first thought when I saw how she was holding the little one," another added.

"Tell me she's not pregnant!" a third chimed in.

But of course, no one told her that.

Joy-Anna With Gideon

Instead, many, many more people echoed her belief that Joy is pregnant!

"It's the pose for me," on sleuth wrote.

"My guess is she’ll announce early next year," added another.

Joy-Anna Duggar and a Daughter

"Her face Is rounding up and she has started glasses again, I call pregnant. The posing of that little girl is suspicious," yet another opined.

You get it.

Obviously, it's impossible to tell from the pic if Joy is actually pregnant or if she's just awkwardly posed.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Up Close

But Joy is a young, married Duggar woman whose youngest child is more than a year old.

Which means that it wouldn't be all that surprising if she's pregnant.

In fact, it would come as more of a shock if she came out and announced she wasn't pregnant.

Jana, Joy

If she does have another little one on the way, she can expect a fair amount of criticism, as many fans believe the 23-year-old is already in over her head.

Recently, Joy revealed that she only homeschools her son 5 minutes a day, a statement that did not go over well among her Instagram followers.

"I normally try and do like five minutes a day, doesn't always happen but just like to get the numbers, the letters, the colors kind of ingrained in his head," she explained in a video.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Struggling With Post-Partum Depression

"And I feel consistency works better than [studying] over long periods of time, every so often."

Obviously, Joy knows her son best, but the news that the boy is receiving so very little formal education earned her quite a bit of criticism.

And now, it looks as though the attention might soon be divided even further!

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