Joy-Anna Duggar: Yeah, I Just Pretend to Homeschool My Son

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When you want to indoctrinate your kids with a whole bunch of crazy beliefs, it's important not to send them to school.

Even if it's a private school that caters to your wacky worldview, there's a chance that your little cultists might cross paths with a concerned adult who will tell them that Jesus didn't actually ride a dinosaur to his job at the AR-15 factory.

So you homeschool them but even that's sort of risky, as a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Next thing you know, the kids asking questions, and you have to explain why Mommy and Daddy disagree with her entire science book.

Joy-Anna With Gideon

No, the safest thing is to pretend that you're educating your child, when you're really just enabling them to grow up completely ignorant of the world around her.

That's the strategy that Joy-Anna Duggar appears to have chosen for her two children.

And we're sure Joy's parents -- who built an entire media empire on ignorance -- couldn't be more proud.

Joy-Anna Duggar and a Daughter

On her Instagram Stories this week, Joy revealed that she devotes just five minutes a day to homeschooling her eldest child, son Gideon.

“I am about to do school with Gideon,” Joy told her followers.

“I normally try and do like five minutes a day. It doesn’t always happen, but just to get the numbers, the letters, the colors ingrained in his head. I feel like a little bit consistently works better than longer periods of time every so often," she continued.

Joy-Anna and Kids

“I have this little fun schoolbook that I found for him that has numbers and letters and stuff in it. So anyway! That’s our morning.”

Now, it's important to note that Gideon is still a few months away from his fourth birthday, so he's not yet kindergarten age yet.

But many 3-year-olds attend preschool, and the thought of Gideon falling behind his peers already was enough to infuriate some Reddit users.

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“Homeschooling for a whole five minutes per day??” one commenter asked, according to In Touch.

“This s–t is bananas.”

Several other users came to Joy's defense, pointing out that formal instruction is just one way that toddlers learn about their world.

Joy and Gideon Selfie

“He’s still learning through play 99.9 percent of the time,” one user claimed.

“Puzzles and letters and words and colors etc. Five minutes of sit down to learn time is more than some 3.5-year-olds get.”

“He is only 3. She could do 0 minutes and it would be fine. Five mins is plenty for that age!” another added.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Hubby

“Joy’s kids aren’t even school age yet. He’s 3, he doesn’t need any direct instruction at his age," a third argued.

They're right that many 3-and-a-half-year-olds don't get any schooling at all.

The troubling part is that Joy referred to five minutes of instruction as homeschooling, a fact that led many to conclude that she won't be taking a much more structured approach to her kids' education once they're both school age.

Pregnancy Joy

Joy-Anna has somewhat distanced herself from her family amid the latest scandal involving her predatory brother Josh Duggar.

But she's still very much her parents' children, to the point that she took Jim Bob and Michelle's side in their feud with sister Jill.

Joy's parents have been harshly criticized for failing to properly homeschool their children, and now it looks as though Joy intends to follow suit.

Of course, in fairness to Joy, since her own parents failed her so badly, she might not be in a position to educate anyone else.

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