Scott Disick Unfollows Amelia Hamlin, Kourtney, ENTIRE Kardashian Clan!

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Scott Disick is straight up not having a good time these days, it seems.

Early this month, Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott while the entire world laughed at his pathetic DMs to Younes Bendjima.

Scott likes to make jokes. It doesn't look like he's enjoying being joke.

He's cutting public ties -- unfollowing exes Amelia, Kourtney, and literally the entire Kardashian clan.

Scott Disick at the Reunion

Let's be very clear: Scott did not simplly unfollow his exes in a quiet move on Instagram.

He even unfollowed Khloe, with whom he has always had a close bond.

Scott even unfollowed Kris. I wouldn't unfollow Kris if she hit me with a shovel. Harsh, dude.

Amelia Hamlin Has Nothing to Hide

Amelia Gray Hamlin is busy partying with the (other) hottest people alive, her fellow models, during Fashion Month.

Similarly, Kourtney Kardashian's steamy photos with Megan Fox have set undergarments aflame across the internet.

With that in mind, one can understand how Scott doesn't want a front row seat to Amelia's nipples or Kourtney's gal pal gallery.

Megan and Kourtney Topless Pics

But unfollowing all of them seems a little drastic, especially considering how long ago the breakups were.

He waited weeks to unfollow Amelia.

But ... Scott and Kourtney broke up several years ago. Why now?

Amelia Hamlin Looks Like Khloe Kardashian

When we look at his current follows -- of which there are 75 -- something suspicious comes up.

He doesn't really seem to be following any real people, just brands -- most of which are partnerships with him.

Instead of following exes, he's following manscaping businesses, self-help brands, beautician accounts, and an AI influencer.

Kourtney Kardashian Snaps a Natural Selfie in Red

It might not be too much of a leap to guess that Scott is currently following only those whom he is contractually obligated to follow.

This might just mean that he has decided to set aside Instagram and use it only for business ... which could, in turn, hurt that business, but whatever.

It could also mean that he's merely setting aside his public Instagram, and is still living it up on an unseen private Instagram.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on KUWTK

We have to assume that Scott is still in communication with the mother of his children.

Consistent reporting in recent years has said that they are dedicated to coparenting Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Scott may have thrown this silent hissy-fit on Instagram, but that doesn't mean that it's playing out in real life.

Amelia Hamlin Is Almost Naked

Similarly, his latest business promotion actually features Khloe.

It's likely that he still speaks with Khloe, Kylie, and Momager Kris, among others.

Following someone and caring about them as a person are not the same. One can do either without the other.

Scott Disick Rides a Motorcycle

One guess for the timing of all of this is that Scott may have accepted that he's not getting Amelia back.

That's great news for Amelia, of course.

We all remember how Scott and Sophia Richie would break up, only for him to get her back weeks later. Not this time.

Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Unedited Peach Pic

Despite his advanced age (okay, he's not actually old, but when you date girls half your age, you're gonna get teased, my guy), Scott may be too sensitive for Instagram right now.

When Amelia bares all on social media, of course he's going to see it.

Whether she's thinking of him or not, she's reminding him of what he's missing -- that might hurt too much for him to stay on the app.

Amelia Gray Photo

We also have to assume that Scott has been getting roasted by commenters.

He sent petty DMs to his ex's ex, Younes, to try to build up solidarity in making fun of Kourtney's PDA with Travis Barker.

It backfired spectacularly, as Younes was not only weirded out by Scott's pettiness, he shared screenshots with the world.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker PDA Alerrt

Honestly, maybe it's a good thing that Scott is backing away from Instagram.

While there's no age limit on social media, we would love for him to socialize with more 38-year-olds.

Imagine if he dated an age-appropriate woman? Of course, he might have to do a lot of work on himself before that happens.

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