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After months of strong hints and hype, Nicole Nafziger confirmed her split with Azan this summer.

While many 90 Day Fiance fans were relieved, others are wondering what she’s up to these days.

After all, Nicole spent so many years of her life in this relationship.

What’s next?

Nicole Nafziger is Keeping It Positive

"Here’s a couple life updates with me," Nicole Nafziger began in an informative Instagram caption.

"I made a big decision in my life," she revealed.

Nicole announced: "I’m enrolled in college at SCF!"

Nicole Nafziger and May Who Just Lost a Tooth

"It has been a challenge going back to school after so long," Nicole admitted.

"But I am determined to make a better life," she affirmed.

Nicole wants to build a better future "for me and my daughter."

"I am currently working on pre recs to get into the Radiology program," Nicole detailed.

She gushed: "I’m so blessed to have the supportive family that I do."

Of her family, Nicole wrote: "They help keep me going on the days that I doubt myself."

Nicole Nafziger in a Moroccan Dress with Azan Tefou

"For those who have asked," Nicole added, "my relationship with Azan has ended."

"I am currently concentrating on school," she continued.

"And," Nicole concluded, "making sure my focus is on what’s important."

Nicole Nafziger Reunites with Daughter

Over the past several years, 90 Day Fiance viewers have accused Nicole of doing just the opposite.

Throughout her relationship with Azan, they accused her of putting him first to the detriment of her daughter, May.

Major points of contention were her monetary gifts to him, her trips to see him, and taking May with her.

May is Very Sleepy

Viewers were especially divided when Nicole, then planning on spending the rest of her life with Azan, had May treat Azan like a stepdad.

By all accounts, the two did bond — but that was sort of what viewers feared.

Because fans did not trust Azan’s intentions, they worried that May would be impacted by the inevitable split.

Azan Tefou, Nicole Nafziger, and May

Fans were downright relieved when Nicole did not take May with her on her trip to Morocco last year.

The visit was supposed to last just two weeks.

May spent that time with Robbalee, Nicole’s mother.

Nicole Nafziger and Mother Robbalee

But the trip, long-planned and beginning in early March, did not last two weeks.

As you can imagine from the time frame, the COVID-19 pandemic hit just one week into Nicole’s visit.

Suddenly, her cute vacation to see her fiance turned into a global lockdown.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

Nicole ended up remaining in Morocco for five months, returning late that summer.

(As we reported at the time, there were ways to get home … but not as easily as some fans seemed to think)

May was perfectly safe with her grandmother, and she and Nicole were overjoyed to be reunited.

Nicole Nafziger and Daughter May: May Turns 6!

Obviously, no one — aside from some very wise but tragically ignored epidemiologists — knew what was coming.

Nicole and May were not the only families separated during the pandemic.

For that matter, they weren’t the only 90 Day Fiance alums with that experience — Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya were apart for four months.

Nicole Nafziger and May with Tyler Nafziger in the Background

As happy as we are for Nicole and May and this college enrollment news, not everything is good right now.

Nicole’s father, Tyler Nafziger, was originally Azan’s sponsor for the K-1 visa … a visa that was never actually granted.

Tyler has a troubled history with crime and law enforcement, and was recently convicted for grand theft.

Nicole Nafziger and Tyler Nafziger

Tyler was arrested on September 7 for misdemeanor trespass.

As a known shoplifter, he was banned from Home Depot but allegedly trespassed anyway.

He was spotted and arrested by police without any major incident during his apprehension.

Tyler Nafziger Mugshot

In addition to this being a potential trespassing charge, Tyler is also on parole.

This arrest was a parole violation for his recent grand theft arrest.

It is heartbreaking to consider how Tyler’s poverty — he is reportedly experiencing homelessness — is so inescapable that he cannot avoid arrest.