Kailyn Lowry: I'm Not Engaged to Chris! He Knocked Up Somebody Else!

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Kailyn Lowry's choices don't always make a lot of sense to the rest of us.

Mostly, they're her choices to make ... with a few notable exceptions.

But recently, a rumor has circulated that Kailyn Lowry is engaged to Chris Lopez after everything they've been through.

Kail is finally ready to discuss this with her fans.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

Earlier this week, Chris Lopez took to Twitter to share an eyebrow-raising message.

"How [are] you [supposed] to know what size ring to get the girl if it's a surprise?" he asked.

Though Chris has since deleted the tweet ... well, it was obviously too late. People saw.

Chris Lopez Online

Rings can serve many purposes and can make amazing gifts.

But the most obvious reason for a ring gift to be a "surprise" is if it is an engagement ring for a proposal.

And Chris' most famous entanglement is Kailyn Lowry. I mean, they have two kids together.

Kailyn Lowry Lays Into Her Inadequate Ex

Obviously, Kailyn's fans were horrified at the idea, especially as rumors turned his tweet into full-blown engagement panic.

“Why are people saying you’re engaged to baby daddy No. 3?” one of Kail's fans asked her on Instagram.

This was during an Instagram Q&A session that she held this week.

Lopez-Lowry Fight

“Well, that’s a new rumor to me," Kailyn admitted.

“I would never, ever accept a ring from him,” she affirmed.

Fans were reassured at this news.

Kailyn Lowry IG would say no if chris proposed

Together, Kailyn and Chris have two children.

Lux is now four years old.

Creed is just 14 months old.

Kailyn Lowry Screen Capture

It wasn't that they got together, had two kids, and then split.

There was a lot of ugliness and bitter conflict between Lux's conception and Creed's.

For that matter, Lux didn't have a name for weeks because Kail waited (in vain) for Chris to be involved enough to discuss it with her.

Chris Lopez Burns Kailyn's Book

Most people wouldn't have a second child with someone after he publicly burned their book.

(And that is to say nothing of the alarming accusations of physical abuse)

With all of that ugliness in their history, fans were obviously less than confident that Kailyn is done with Chris for good.

Kailyn Lowry on the Internet

It's a relief to hear that they're not engaged right now, at least.

And if Chris were planning a surprise engagement-slash-reconciliation (two for one!), Kail would say no.

At least, she says that she would. That's the best that we're going to get.

Chris Lopez Smiles

But ... that doesn't explain what Chris Lopez was talking about in the first place.

Was he just baiting Kailyn's fans? That's not entirely unlike him.

According to Kail's social media on Thursday, Chris might have been ring-shopping after all.

Kailyn Lowry IG congratulates chris lopez on new family, new sibling for sons

“Congratulations to Chris & his new family," Kailyn wrote on her Instagram Stories on September 16.

"So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love," she gushed.

Excuse me????


Kailyn appears to be implying that someone -- someone who is not her -- is pregnant with Chris Lopez's baby.

That would mean that Lux and Creed will have a paternal half-sibling.

Additionally, it looks like Chris aims to put a ring on it with this baby mama. Unless Kailyn is just trolling to get back at him. ...

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