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Depending on whose story you choose to believe, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are either the happiest or the most miserable of all the Duggar couples.

Some say Joseph and Kendra were forced into an arranged marriage, and their respective fathers allowed them no say in the matter.

Others claim that these two are the real deal — one of the only couples in the Duggar clan whose marriage is based on mutual affection, and not just a shared mission to populate the planet with as many fundamentalist offspring as humanly possible.

Whatever the case, for a couple that enjoys their privacy, Joseph and Kendra certainly endure a great deal of scrutiny.

Joe, Kendra, and Their Kids

In recent months, it’s been widely rumored that Joseph and Kendra are headed for divorce.

There’s little to support that theory, but Joe and Kendra have been keeping an even lower profile than usual lately.

Kendra used to share updates with fans on a daily basis, but these says, she goes several weeks without posting.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar Baby

Of course, there are many reasons why that might be.

For starters, the entire Duggar clan is keeping a lower profile these days as a result of Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges.

In fact, several of Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring have disappeared from social media entirely.

Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, Christmas 2020 Selfie

But Joe and Kendra’s reasons for laying low might have nothing to do with the latest scandal surrounding the Counting On clan.

The couple — who share a joint account on Instagram — re-emerged on the site last week before quickly disappearing again.

They posted pics from a recent trip to Branson, Missouri, and fans were overjoyed by the news that all is well in Joe and Kendra’s world.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar In Missouri

"Finally posting pics from our anniversary trip. We so enjoyed seeing Jesus at Sight and Sound and doing SDC. We had a blast!" Kendra captioned the photo above.

That pic briefly got fans talking, primarily because it was Joe and Kendra’s first post in nearly three months.

But it was a now-deleted Instagram Story that had fans buzzing even more:

In the pic, Kendra could be seen perusing items at an annual local clothing sale that focuses on secondhand baby and children’s items.

It’s possible, of course, that she’s just picking up items for the three kids she has at home.

But, as many fans have pointed out, the couple posted a photo of from the same sale just days before they announced that Kendra was pregnant with her third child.

Joe and Kendra Duggar Family Photo

“Wasn’t she shopping at this place the last time she was preg?” one Reddit user asked.

“If she’s pregnant now she probably found out in the last week or two. In the photos her mom posted there’s not even a small bump at all," another added.

On their own, the social media disappearance and the shopping pic might not mean anything.

Kendra with Joe

But taken together, it’s not hard to see why they might have fans jumping to conclusions.

It might be a while before any sort of announcement is made, especially since Josh Duggar’s trial is set to begin in late November.

However, if Kendra and Joe are expecting, their fans will be overjoyed, regardless of what else is happening in the family.