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On this weekend’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ellie Rose dropped a bombshell.

Fans had already been divided about her love story with Victor McLean.

Her friends, we learned, had real concerns … even without knowing the whole story.

Ellie revealed to the camera, but not to her friends, that Victor has a domestic violence record. Fans are disgusted.

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean throwback

Ellie’s tragic backstory involves the sudden loss of her late husband years ago.

She met Victor on vacation — an age-appropriate love interest with whom she is prepared to spend the rest of her life.

Ellie already regrets how much she has told her friends about Victor. But she may end up regretting a lot more.

Hiromi and other friends of Ellie Rose prepare Friendsgiving

On Season 3, Episode 2, we saw Ellie going to visit her friends.

This was filmed in early November of last year, ahead of her move to Providencia, the small Columbian island where Victor lives.

Since she would miss Thanksgiving, her friends put together a Friendsgiving dinner for her.

Of course, in their minds, Ellie was just going on another vacation down to Columbia.

With the exception of Hiromi, they didn’t know that she was preparing to move to live with Victor.

In fact, it sounds like they weren’t totally up to speed on her being completely back with Victor after she discovered his cheating.

Victor’s side piece had messaged Ellie, revealing that he had claimed to her that Ellie was a desperate ex.

This wasn’t just a hookup or a fling. This woman was living with Victor.

While it’s hard to say whether that woman or Ellie was the genuine side piece, he allegedly committed to Ellie entirely.

Kelly and Scott reactions to Ellie Rose moving to Columbia

But Ellie’s friends all knew that story.

That was why they were so visibly startled by Ellie’s revelation.

Obviously, they knew that something was up — there were cameras there. But not that.

Hiromi asks Ellie Rose how much money she's sent to Victor

Everyone, even Ellie herself, acknowledged that Victor has less to lose and more to gain from this relationship.

Ellie is leaving behind her friends, her home, and even her beloved pizza restaurant to be with him.

Hiromi asked the very fair question of just how much money Ellie has given Victor.

Ellie shared that she has given Victor about $5,000 to fix up his house.

In terms of home repair money, that’s not a lot of money for a restaurant owner for no children to spend in Seattle.

But as her friends acknowledged, this was probably a lot of money for Victor, even if it was also "for Ellie" once she moves in.

Ellie Rose reveals Victor's domestic violence history

Ellie admitted to the camera that she regretted telling her friends about Victor’s cheating, because of the "judgment" that has followed.

That’s what she regrets — not how Victor wronged her, but that her friends know about it.

Unfortunately, cheating seems to be the least of Victor’s wrongdoings.

After Ellie’s friends asked if she had thought about looking into his past, she shot them down.

Her reason, she explained, was that Victor had already told her about her past.

Apparently, she trusts him … because of the gravity of what he had shared with her.

"He told me that, nine years ago, he got a domestic violence charge," Ellie revealed to the camera.

It was a charge "for an incident between him and his daughter’s mom."

Ellie shared this with the camera — but not with her friends.

Horrified viewers took to Twitter to share their ire — much of it directed at production and at TLC.

"Oh, they are letting another abuser on the show…but will he make it to the tell all?" one wrote.

"Because Victor is a man, my guess is no," the tweet continued. "But they’ll fill his slot with Angzilla T-Rex so we can watch her slap the crap out of Ellie."

"Ellie/Victor story arc is full of red flags: Cheated on her already, prior DV charge. Too messy," another tweeted.

Another scolded: "Ellie taking victor’s word on the domestic abuse charge! dumbass"

"Ellie is stupid for marrying Victor, who has both cheated on her and has a domestic violence charge!" a tweet read. 

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3

That tweet added: "Her friends are saying the right things and she’s basically ignoring them!"

Unfortunately, this is very familiar territory for 90 Day Fiance viewers.

Other franchise stars have been outed as domestic abusers and disinvited from Tell Alls.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

Infamously, Geoffrey Paschel has been accused by multiple exes (both ex-girlfriends and ex-wives) of brutal domestic assaults and of rape.

His "love story" with Varya Malina (and with Mary) played out on screen … but after fans learned who he really was, they petitioned TLC to fire him. It worked.

Geoffrey (nicknamed Prince Joffrey by many bloggers, and with good reason) was disinvited from the Tell All, but few viewers learned the gruesome reason why.

Angela Deem flips off Michael Ilesanmi at the Tell All Part 2

While Geoffrey is the most infamous and alarming case, he is not the only irredeemable monster to have appeared on the show.

We have all watched with disgust as Angela Deem berates Michael Ilesanmi, first as her fiance and now as her husband.

The chain-smoking screamer isn’t just "loud." She is an emotional abuser and a verbal abuser.

TLC and Sharp Entertainment do not seem to care if the people whom they film are evil or dangerous.

What they care about is ratings. They want scandals that draw viewers, but not so intense that they drive away advertisers.

If viewers want the franchise to get its act together and stop employing known abusers, it will take more than fast-forwarding through Ellie and Victor’s segments.

Victor McLean - it's a tropical storm right now

There was a time when fans were hoping that Victor and Ellie might be on the original 90 Day Fiance next year on a K-1 visa.

Now, fans just hope that Ellie ends up on The Single Life, because it would mean that she’s dumped Victor.

Petitions and reaching out directly to advertisers (for TLC and for Discovery Plus’ ad-inclusive subscription) will go further than righteous condemnation.