Blake Shelton to Be Phased Out of The Voice: It's Time!

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On this season of The Voice, the newly married Ariana Grande joined the panel of coaches.

This is a groundbreaking win for the series -- where older talent, has-beens, and those making a comeback have been the norm.

While Ariana's tenure on the talent competition show is great news for the network and viewers, it's bad news for one of her fellow coaches.

Blake Shelton has been on the show for what feels like millions of years. Maybe it's time for a fresh face.

Blake Shelton Smiles on The Voice

According to what an inside source tells RadarOnline, that's what production is thinking at The Voice.

“Current top ten artists like Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X, Billie Elish, Olivia Rodrigo, and The Weeknd, were all hesitant about staring on a competition show," the insider shared.

The source added that this was "before Ariana Grande signed on."

John Legend Selfie with Ariana Grande on The Voice

“Now she has changed everything," the insider shared.

She did not, not by any action other than accepting the job, but by her mere presence.

"And," the source continued, Ariana's coach role has "opened the flood gates to future relevant talent."

Ariana Grande In Quarantine

This is something, the insider noted, "which isn’t good news for Blake Shelton."

"Sure, he is a star and people love him," the source alleged.

"But," the insider understated, "he doesn’t exactly burn up the charts anymore."

Blake Shelton in Sin City

Blake has been on The Voice for 21 seasons. That's ... a lot.

“After a decade on the show, producer as quietly looking to replace Blake," the source revealed.

The insider shared that they want to swap him out "with someone younger and more current."

Ariana Grande on Wedding Day

"Blake is great," the source generously claimed.

"But," the insider pointed out, "he is not in Ariana’s league.”

They'd ideally like someone with a wider appeal to potential viewers under the age of 60.

Blake Shelton Explains

Ariana does just that, drawing attention and enthusiasm on social media that Blake could only dream of.

“It is time for a shake-up," the source explained.

"The only way the show remains fresh," the insider detailed, "is by constantly evolving."

Ariana Grande, Woman of the Year

Hiring Ariana was just the first step in the show's natural evolution.

"Huge stars that wouldn’t even consider joining the show a few months ago," the source began.

The insider shared that these big names "are now thinking again, thanks to Ariana."

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson

That doesn't mean that ditching Blake for someone that Millennial and Gen Z audiences know beyond "Gwen Stefani's rebound" is an easy task.

He did help launch this series back in 2011.

Blake was part of the original lineup alongside Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and CeeLo Green.

Ariana Grande, God Is A Woman

Of those, he is the last coach standing.

Christina, despite making about $20 million per season, only stayed on for a few years.

Then she bounced off and on until departing for good after the show's tenth season.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton Pic

The Maroon 5 singer lasted longer.

Adam stayed with the show for a whopping 16 seasons before he decided to get back to music, no matter how good the money was.

CeeLo faded from the show a little faster. Perhaps it's Blake's turn.

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