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After last year’s botched triple eviction, CBS execs opted to go with two consecutive weeks of double evictions.

We lost Claire and Alyssa last week as the Cookout made Big Brother history, becoming the most successful alliance in the game.

But, with the Cookout having to turn on each other, it made for a wild turn of events inside the most famous house on TV.

Hannah and Tiffany on the Block

Kyland’s HOH reign was dying down, and he had Tiffany and Hannah on the block.

Heading into this pre-taped two-hour installment, it seemed like Tiffany was well and truly headed out the door.

That didn’t stop one of the best players in Big Brother history from trying to save her game.

Photo via CBS

Tiffany went to Derek and X and tried to rally their votes.

As is always the case with the Thursday editions, this is merely edited as a plot to show to people that this target could continue another day in the house.

When it came to the first eviction of the night, it was a landslide vote to evict Tiffany.

At this stage of the game, that’s three votes.

Photo via CBS

Tiffany exited in good spirits, being fully aware that her scheming had got the alliance to this stage of the game.

Even Julie couldn’t help but praise Tiffany.

Things then took a turn when the HOH competition kicked off. This strange competition was completed in two rounds, and it focused on houseguests using a ball to knock the rest of their balls down.

Derek and Hannah were eliminated in the first round, leaving Xavier and Azah to compete in the second heat. In one of the biggest surprises of the season, Azah secured the win.

Photo via CBS

This marked her first competition win of the summer, and given where the game is at, she needed a win.

Now, one would think she would, you know, target Kyland and Xavier, but Azah shocked Hannah to say she made a deal with Kyland to keep him off the block.

The result?

She would be nominating Hannah and Xavier, with Xavier being the target.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Given that the feeds were off a full day before this episode aired, there’s no telling whether the two men told Azah to target Hannah in exchange for safety.

Ultimately, Kyland won the Power of Veto and knocked Xavier off the block, putting Derek up in his place.

The boys decided to stick together and eliminated Hannah.

Yes, we lost two of the most popular houseguests in this eviction tonight, and Kyland can probably kiss goodbye to the $750,000 prize.

Photo via CBS

If Xavier makes it to the end, he’s winning.

The houseguests in the jury house unraveled the alliance, and many of them felt like Xavier had played the best game.

He’s managed to throw competitions but still get his targets out.

The episode wrapped with Azah as the only female left.

Brent Champagne for CBS

Will she follow the other females out the door?

We don’t know!

Big Brother continues with a special episode on Friday at 8/7c.