Audrey Roloff Rushes to Defend of Sister-in-Law, Squashes Feud Forever

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The hatchet, you guys, has officially been buried.

If it even existed in the first place, that is.

Earlier this week, however, Audrey Roloff made it clear that not only doesn't she have beef with her sister-in-law Tori...

... but she has the reality star's back.

Audrey Roloff Pregnant Picture

On Monday, Tori took to Instagram to share a video that featured her mocking those that have unfollowed her of late.

The footage opened with Tori pretending to be a fan sliding into her DMs, stating:

“So I never really message people on here, but I wanted to let you know that I used to really like following you until yesterday when you posted something that I did not like.

“And I thought we liked all the same things, but we do not. And I do not like that.

“You are no longer living up to the expectation I created for you in my head, so because of that I am unfollowing you."

Tori Roloff is Funny

LOL, right?

Tori is summing up here what an endless array of social media users must think and feel, especially those in the spotlight.

They must deal with total and complete strangers who think they know the celebrity... and think they are even friends in some way with the celebrity... and that this then gives them a right to take issue when disagreeing with the celebrity.

Meanwhile, the entire time, the celebrity hasn't been reaching out or doing anything but expressing the occasional opinion.

It must be exhausting.

Audrey Roloff with the Selfie

And Audrey can relate.

The 30-year-old showed her support for Tori by leaving three crying-laughing emojis in the comments section of Tori's post.

See for yourself here:

roloff exchange

Why did this response come as a surprise to many observers?

Simply because it never seemed as if Tori and Audrey got along all that well.

They rarely share Instagram photos of one another and many folks took note when Tori didn't congratulate Audrey on her recent third pregnancy.

However, it then came out that Tori is struggling to conceive, making it far more reasonable why such blessed news for a loved one might be challenging for her to gleefully accept.

Tori, Zach, Kids

It then also came out that Tori and Audrey never had a feud -- their husbands did!

"Tori and Audrey always got along with each other, but Zach and Jeremy got into a huge argument one day and everything changed," an insider has claimed to The Sun.

"It went on for weeks and the girls obviously took sides, they all stopped speaking to each other.

"The argument was about lack of respect. Zach felt he didn't get enough support from Jeremy, but he didn't agree.

"It exploded and there was a lot of mud-slinging, resulting in the two couples keeping their distance."

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