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The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading.

Across the country once again, due to the Delta Variant and a depressing number of unvaccinated individuals? 


But also within a much smaller circle: The cast of Teen Mom 2.

teen 2ers

Earlier this week, we reported that Kailyn Lowry had tested positive for the virus, saying on her podcast that all four of her kids had also been diagnosed and that they likely contracted Covid on a recent triip to the Dominican Republican.

Lowry apologized at the time for giving the virus to co-host Vee Rivera.

"I felt like s**t all week and once I lost my taste and smell, I knew what it was. I knew,” Kailyn explained, adding later in the episode that she “wouldn’t have been around people” had she known she was positive.


Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

Kailyn added that she tested negative twice for the virus around the time of herr vacation, and also that this is the second time she has had it.

"I don’t know if I ever said it on the podcast… I had Covid back when in was in Iceland, actually,” the mother of four said.

“That was in 2020, and then this is my second time. And then Lincoln just had Covid in March and he has it again, so all the kids have it.

"They’re all asymptomatic, really."

Lowry went on to say that ex-husband Javi Marroquin has also tested positive.

The two have been spending a lot of time together of late, sparking rumors of a romantic reconciliation.

“I sent Lincoln over to Javi’s, because they had it in March — like I said, everyone in Javi’s family had it in March except for Javi," Lowry detailed on air.

"I sent Lincoln over there because Lincoln already had it and he tested negative right away and then sure as s**t, [Lincoln] tested positive, Javi tested positive.

"I don’t even know how this happened.”

Considering Lowry has expressed her anti-vaccine stance in the past, we can think of one way it could have happened at least.

So there’s Kailyn and Javi and now we can also confirrm that Ashley Jones is positive for this same virus.

Ashley’s mom, Tea, took to Instagram earlier this week asking fans to “please pray for a speedy recovery as Ashley recovers from COVID-19.”

“We are sending all our prayers to Ashley’s household as she battles COVID-19,” Tea added.

“She is doing ok in light of…. But we expect a full recovery in no time. Thanks for your much needed prayers and support.

"We appreciate it sincerely and truly.”

Leah Messer, who was on vacation with Lowry last week, has not said whether or not she is positive — but she has said on social media that she’s vaccinated.

As for Lowry?

She’s pissed at being labeled a super-spreader in the wake of this, well… super spreading.

"People are online talking s**t saying that I’m a super spreader and things like that but my entire family came home with, I didn’t give my whole family Corona," Kailyn said on Thursday.

"We were all in the same places at the exact same time. I told the story on Baby Mamas but I am not a super spreader,"

In Punta Cana!

She continued:

"As soon as I found out I had Covid I quarantined immediately.

"So for those of you guys listening obviously had I known I had Covid, (I tested negative twice), so had I known that before I would not have been out.

"But I saw a bunch of comments just being complete a**holes cause I would never go purposefully spread Coronavirus, or like go out in public if I knew I had Corona."

Kailyn Lowry in a Photo

Well, sure. Fine. Fair enough.

But that’s the whole thing about not getting vaccinated.

You are FAR more likely to contract the virus … you may not get symptoms… and then you are FAR more likely to pass it along to others.

So, yes, one can be a super spreader without doing it on purpose, Kailyn. That’s the entire point here.