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Folks, when Kourtney Kardashian is happy, we all win.

At least that’s the lesson we’re taking from the sultry snaps the mother of three shared on her Instagram page this week.

As you’re probably aware by now, Kourtney is dating Travis Barker, and the relationship appears to be quite serious.

It’s so serious, in fact, that when we hear rumors about Kourtney being pregnant with Travis’ baby, we actually entertain them.

Kourtney Kardashian in Vegas with Travis Barker

To be clear, we do not believe that Kourt is currently carrying Travis’ kid, but we wouldn’t be surprised if things eventually went in that direction.

The point is, these two are head over heels for one another.

And to the chagrin of Barker’s ex-wife, they love sharing their passion with the world in the form of non-stop Instagram PDAs.

Photo via Instagram

Regardless of whether or not these two are actually planning to have a kid together, it’s obvious that they’re getting in quite a lot of practice.

In fact, these days, Travis and Kourntey are so comfortable in one another’s presence that they’ve started stripping down and grooming each other.

That might sound a little weirder than we intended …

Kourtney Kardashian Is Topless

… What we mean to say is that Kourtney recently allowed Travis to cut her hair, and she posted a topless pic to share the results with her followers.

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you that the ladies of the Kardashian clan take their hair quite seriously.

Letting Travis trim her famous locks is a tremendous act of trust from Kourtney.

Kourtney and Travis Ringside

Obviously, the hairstyle is not the real focal point in the photo, but it’s Kourt’s "official" reason for posting the pic

Kourtney’s friend Sarah Howard compliented her "nice cut," and it was then that Kourt revealed that Travis was her stylist, noting that the Blink-182 drummer is “good with his hands.”

It’s still unclear whether or not Barker and Kardashian are engaged, as so many insiders have claimed, but at this point, who cares?

Kourtney Tattoos Travis

Allowing Barker to take scissors to her mane is a way bigger leap of faith than letting him put a ring on it!

Although, to be fair, it’s not like Kourtney had much say in the matter.

After all, if she wanted a haircut anytime in the past week, it was Travis who she would need to turn to.

Photo via Instagram

The couple recently revealed that they spent 10 days quarantining together.

It’s unclear if they contracted Covid-19, or if they simply took the precaution because they might have been exposed to the virus.

Whatever the case, it seems that these two thoroughly enjoyed their alone time together.

Kourtney and Travis on Vacation

“Ten days of quarantine…” Kourt captioned her post along with a bunch of loved-up emojis.

"10 days with you," Travis wrote.

According to Kourtney’s pics the two of them laid low at her house, binge-watching Mare of Easttown and generally taking it easy.

Travis and Kourtney Pack on the PDA

As for what else they may have gotten up to … well, Kourtney didn’t document the entire 10-day experience.

But we think we can use our imaginations.