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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is not always the most sympathetic Bravo star.

But many fans’ hearts go out to her after she lost custody of her kids to Thomas Ravenel.

In a raw new post, Kathryn speaks of defending herself against someone trying to rewrite events.

She also laments having been "beaten down" by the family court system.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kathryn Dennis shared a message of solidarity and understanding.

“It is exhausting to constantly defend yourself from someone who is trying to change reality," the post acknowledged.

"It can even make you question what you know happened," the post warned, "or what is true."

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“It can be exhausting to live two lives," Kathryn’s message detailed.

"One for your children and for the world (everything is fine)," the post described.

"And the other," her Story messsage continued, "where you are beaten down by the family court system."

"We see you and we stand with you," Kathryn’s message read.

"You are not alone," the post affirmed.

It’s not clear whether Kathryn needed to hear that or knew that some followers might. Possibly both.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel on TV

The timing of Kathryn’s message did not escape anyone’s notice.

Thomas recently moved Sant and Kensie to a new home in Aiken, South Caroline — nearly three hours away from Kathryn.

He recently seemed to taunt Kathryn with a post reading: "So thrilled to have my daughter in our new home."

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According to the family court order, Kathryn is only permitted supervised visitation every other weekend.

These visits can only take place during the day.

All of this follows Thomas’ filing demanding full custody in October of 2020.

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Thomas accused Kathryn of drug use and of leaving these alleged drugs where the children could access them.

Worse, he accused her of neglecting the children.

He allegedly presented evidence of at least one of the children getting outside of the house without Kathryn noticing.

Photo via Instagram

Thomas also reiterated claims that their son, Saint, has certain special needs stemming from Kathryn’s alleged drinking while pregnant.

Kathryn denied all of Thomas’ claims.

Despite that, Thomas was awarded temporary custody of both Kensie and Saint.

Photo via Bravo

“My necklace says Mama on the front, Kensie on one side and Saint on the other," Kathryn shared in a recent post to her fans.

She continued by describing: "With Inner Strength close to the heart  #battlelessons."

It is not difficult to imagine why she views that part of her life as a "battle," as she can only see her kids 26 times a year. 

Kathryn Dennis Charms

Next month, Kathryn is scheduled to begin filming Season 8 of Southern Charm.

It is unclear if her custody nightmare will be covered on the show.

Some things are painful. Some things are private. And some things are such bummers that they don’t make for good reality TV.

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Many of the fans who feel sorry for Kathryn in the moment don’t necessarily believe that she’s mother of the year.

However, Thomas’ notoriously vile personality makes it impossible to imagine that he’s a better parent under any circumstances.

Additionally, many feel that there had to have been a better solution than this arrangement, right?