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Does anyone else sense a theme when it comes to Sister Wives these days?

First, Meri Brown left Arizona to open up and work on her bed and breakfast in Utah.

Then, Janelle Brown returned to her native state in order to reunite with some family members.

And now?

Christine Brown on Her Insta

Christine Brown has also gotten the heck out of Flagstaff, taking quite the adventure with her kids — and without her husband.

The 49-year old shared photos from her recent trip with daughterrs Ysabel and Truely on Instagram Friday, telling followers that she and the young ones had visited a number of famous landmarks.

They stopped by the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville and Graceland, the former home of the late Elvis Presley, among other well-known locations.

"Traveling cross country with @truelygracebrown and @ysabelpaigebrown has been absolutely delightful," the Sister Wives cast member captioned her post, adding:

"We’ve met so many wonderful people!"

"There’s nothing like traveling and meeting new people that restores your hope in humanity," Brown added.

As for the whereabouts of Kody?

We can only guess that he’s at home in Flagstaff with Robyn, his youngest wife and his only legal wife.

According to many observers, also his favorite wife.

All three other spouses, as detailed above, have recently taken extensive trips without their spiritual husband.

And they don’t exactly seem to be missing him, do they?

Photo via Instagram

Christine also shares son Paedon, 22, and daughters Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 25, and Gwendlyn, 19, with Kody.

She entered into a polygamist marriage with the father of 18 and his first wife Meri Brown in 1994.

In recent years, however, the Browns have been struggling with their finances, and also with their living arrangements.

The family purchased property at a lot they call Coyote Pass back in 2018, but they haven’t started to develop anything at all on the land.

Next to Janelle

Just a couple weeks ago, Janelle posted about her new RV, acting all excited about this new residence and clapping back against critics who think Kody forced her to make such a move because he couldn’t afford any other option.

Christine’s relationship with Kody, meanwhile, was clearly strained during the most recent season of Sister Wives.

On the finale, Christine said it had "been a struggle" ever since she moved to Flagstaff to be with him.

"I’m tired of feeling like I don’t matter. I’m tired of not having his support when I really need it. I’m just tired," she said in a confessional.

"I need a partnership. I need something different than this."

Christine Brown, Post-Vaccine

That said, Christine hasn’t actually left Kody. We doubt she ever will; not officiallly at least.

Speaking to People Magazine earlier this year, Christine said her relationships with her husband and fellow sister wives "have come and gone, they’ve ebbed and flowed."

"It’s a roller coaster ride," she explained.

"There’s always ups and downs."