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This month, after six months of strong suspicion by fans, Nicole Nafziger confirmed her split from Azan.

She still has a lot of fans — people who are excited to see where her life will take her next.

They do not feel the same way about her troubled father, Tyler Nafziger.

His latest arrest has 90 Day Fiance fans more concerned than ever, especially after learning that he’s homeless.

Nicole Nafziger and Tyler Nafziger

90 Day Fiance fans first "met" Tyler Nafziger when Nicole was introduced.

He agreed to be the co-sponsor of Nicole’s K-1 visa application for Azan.

Like their relationship, Azan’s K-1 visa application was not a success and the couple ultimately gave up.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger, Stuck Together

Co-sponsors are sought when someone’s income does not meet a certain threshold.

On the one hand, this is a system clearly designed to curb legal immigration using material wealth to narrow candidates.

On the other, the general idea is that the K-1 visa recipient should be financially taken care of until they have a work visa.

Tyler Nafziger Mugshot
(Manatee County Sheriff’s Department)

So Tyler signing on as a co-sponsor meant that he was intended to provide some measure of stability for his daughter, just in case.

Clearly, things have changed dramatically in his life.

Over the past two years, Tyler has been arrested ten times.

Even before Tyler’s most recent arrest, there was bad news.

Police spoke with Nicole’s mother, Tyler’s ex, Robbalee.

At that time, she confirmed a few things to law enforcement.

Nicole Nafziger and May with Tyler Nafziger in the Background

Robbalee confirmed that Tyler had not been in contact with her or any of her children.

She also shared that, to her knowledge, his phone had been shut off.

Finally, Robbalee confirmed to law enforcement that Tyler has been experiencing homelessness.

Nicole Nafziger Drives with Mother Robbalee

We won’t run through every single arrest because, well, there were ten of them over a very short stretch of time.

But on November 5 of 2020, Tyler was sentenced to 157 days behind bars.

He appears to have served that full sentence in Manatee County jail after his conviction.

Photo via Instagram

Tyler was charged with stealing more than $750 in toiletries from a CVS.

He admitted to the theft.

This third degree felony theft conviction also resulted in him being fined $1,369.62.

Nicole Nafziger Reunites with Daughter

Six months after being convicted, Tyler was arrested again.

This time, he was charged with grand theft, following a series of thefts.

These thefts took place at various home improvement stores.

Nicole Nafziger is Keeping It Positive

Thousands of dollars of merchandise were stolen from these establishments.

In addition to theft being a crime, Tyler’s arrest was also a violation of his probation — from a prior drug possession arrest.

Tyler was convicted of grand theft last month, on June 18.

Nicole Nafziger Cute Selfie

For this third degree felony, Tyler was sentenced to 90 days behidn bars.

Additionally, he will be placed on probation for 12 months.

27 days of his prison time have been credited for time served.

Nicole Nafziger in Starbucks Visor

Once again, Tyler was assessed fines and fees — this time, adding up to $1,251.

On top of that, he was ordered to complete 75 hours of community service.

Finally, he must enroll in an "Advance Theft Offender Course." We all hope that this recent arrest will be the last.