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The question of whether Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith are still together is always complicated … except when it’s easy.

After a breakup in May, the two reconciled last month.

Their latest breakup, however, is by far the ugliest yet, with allegations of lying and emotional abuse.

Tiffany and Ronald are airing all of their dirty laundry, and promising 90 Day Fiance fans that there’s more to come.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith Wedding
Photo via Facebook

Just a couple of weeks after they were so close for Father’s Day, there were tensions over the Fourth of July weekend.

July 3 was Carley’s birthday, but Ronald was busy sharing vague but clearly unhappy messages and disabling comments.

“And that’s true NO NONE ZERO words to say about today … #notsurprisedtho #nocomment,” Ronald simply expressed.

Things became more intense on Tuesday, July 6.

Tiffany took to her Instagram Stories to share a series of direct messages and emails, purportedly from Ronald.

There, Ronald declared that he only wanted to see the kids from now on, and that his relationship with Tiffany was "done."

“You can say I’m cheating," Ronald apparently wrote to her. "You are the one lying about the visa.”

Ronald claims that Tiffany told him that she had filed all of the visa paperwork, and that they were only waiting for the interview.

Only later, he says, did he find out that there was paperwork outstanding — and that Tiffany lied again about submitting the documents.

In turn, Tiffany accused Ronald of threatening her.

She wrote that "emotional abuse leaves scars that you’ll never see."

Tiffany also wrote: “I’ve gone through enough for a whole life together and I’ve had to stay quiet.”

Ronald fired back, both in an Instagram Live with 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, and in his own Stories.

He asked his fans and followers to recommend an attorney in the United States.

Ronald wrote that he wanted to receive "advice and costong on [a] few things."

“She basically told me everything is submitted, everything is done, I’m going to be with my family soon,” Ronald described.

“I found out she lied …" he added.

Ronald admitted: "I lost my s–t and you know what? She says I treated her bad."

"Let me just calm down for a second," Ronald said during the Live.

He explained "because I’m so upset thinking she played me for a fool."

"And," Ronald added, "she literally made me believe I’m going to be with my family soon."

"She’s complaining she’s alone and she’s doing everything by herself, but she lied about the visa. Literally, she lied," Ronald alleged.

Meanwhile, Tiffany had still more to say on Tuesday.

In her Stories, she wrote: “You think things are messy? They are about to get a whole lot messier."

Tiffany and Ronald were both limited in what they could say, because they are both under NDA.

It seems clear that they both have a lot of strongly hurt feelings regarding the other.

If what they are both saying is true, it sounds like they have both failed each other as partners. However, there is a lot that we do not yet know.