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Earlier this year, Angelina Pivarnick secretly filed for divorce from her husband, Chris Larangeira.

On screen, we saw them address the alleged cheating video.

Frankly, it seemed like Chris was in denial about the whole thing. Now, that’s looking even more likely.

They’re cozying up on public dates again … and their divorce case has been dismissed.

Angelina Pivarnick and Chris

In January of this year, Angelina quietly filed to divorce her husband.

This was more than a year after their 2019 wedding.

After the process began on January 19, the filing was kept quiet for months.

Photo via MTV

However, the divorce filing was in limbo for a while.

You need to provide certain documentation during the divorce process.

Apparently, things lagged for at least four months without any legal follow-up.

Chris & Angelina on the Red Carpet
Photo via Getty

Because of that, The Sun reports that the court has dismissed the case "for lack of prosecution."

However, the dismissal is notably without prejudice.

This simply means that Angelina is free to re-file her divorce at a later date. The alternative would be pretty screwed up, actually.

Photo via Instagram

What’s interesting here is that it wasn’t manually withdrawn.

Instead, the divorce filing just withered away from neglect until it finally died.

Perhaps Angelina and Chris were too busy patching things up to think to actually halt their barely-initiated divorce?

Angelina Pivarnick Post-Plastic Surgery

This news of course comes on the heels of more public observations.

Just days ago, they were spotted on a dinner date in their shared hometown of Matawan, New Jersey.

In addition to enjoying Asian cuisine together, Angelina also had her ring on.

Angelina's Blackmail Tape

Weeks ago, Jersey Shore viewers heard about an alleged "cheating video."

Her husband, Chris, heard about it too — but refused to watch it.

Obviously, all of this was filmed quite some time ago.

Photo via Instagram

Interestingly, Angelina wanted Chris to watch it.

She even invited him to watch it with her.

That was either the psychological power play of the decade or she was serious about being an "open book."

Angelina Pivarnick Poses For Instagram

At the time, Angelina claimed that Chris’ disinterest in seeing it was rooted in his trust for her.

Since he knew that she didn’t have any side action, he didn’t feel a need to see it.

Fans, on the other hand, felt that perhaps he was in denial and afraid to see anything to shatter his worldview.

Photo via Instagram

This was shown weeks ago, but of course filmed many months ago.

Other factors may have contributed to their marriage falling apart to the point where she filed for divorce.

Similarly, it would be interesting to know what happened to make them rekindle things as they so clearly have.

Angelina Pivarnick on Instagram in 2021

Angelina actually removed Chris’ last name, Larangeira, from her bio.

It was temporary, and it is claimed that it was an accident or possibly some sort of "hacking."

Just for the record, social media hackers do this for clout or for money, not to anonymously tweak someone’s bio.

Photo via Instagram

Regardless, just as she’s again wearing her wedding band, her full married name is back on Instagram.

Whatever happened, it appears that they’re sweeping it under the rug.

That said … it’s more than possible that some or all of this will blow up in their faces. Angelina is no stranger to drama.