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Fans have been observing and appreciating Kylie Jenner’s ample cleavage for years.

(Hopefully not for too many years — the makeup mogul and MILF is only 23 years old)

However, a growing number of fans are piecing together clues about Kylie, and her current bust is just one of many.

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Baby #2?

Kylie Jenner at the Reunion

Obviously, there is no reason to believe that Kylie Jenner would simply tell the world if she were pregnant.

In 2017, when she was still a teenager, she became pregnant after only a few weeks of boning Travis Scott.

It was months before the world learned that she was pregnant.

Kylie also did not even once publicly address her pregnancy until days after precious baby Stormi was born.

Even with the entire world knowing about her pregnancy for months, she hid and kept all related news under wraps.

That was totally her choice … but also means that fans know that she might be keeping another secret.

Okay, so what has fans buzzing and thinking that Kylie might be pregnant again?

Sushi … or a lack thereof.

See, Kylie Jenner shared this glimpse at her "sushi" rolls on Instagram. Notice anything?

Ma’am, there’s no fish in these sushi rolls.

Those look like avocado rolls. Not eel avocado rolls, not Alaska rolls. Avocado.

While that looks appetizing, it could be a major clue that Kylie is expecting.

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Intense Abs

People who are pregnant are discouraged by the medical community from eating sushi.

The reason is not actually fear of parasites.

Freezing is actually more effective at killing some fishborne parasites than cooking is.

Rather, the fear is that a pregnant person could contract listeriosis from various foods.

Sushi made with raw fish is not alone. Hot dogs are also included.

However, because wild caught fish often contains high levels of mercury, this is another concern for anyone who might be pregnant.

Kylie Jenner Sans Makeup

There is another, better known thing that no pregnant person should ever do: drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol carries real risks of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can have a debilitating impact on the life of any child brought to term.

So … have we actually seen Kylie drinking in the past couple of months?

Kylie on Her Private Jet

Kendall launched her controversial 818 Tequila brand.

Despite the pandemic, which is still ongoing with only about half of Americans vaccinated, there was a launch party.

While the party had plenty of tequila, fans have commented on social media that they didn’t notice Kylie drinking any.

More notably, there was a toast — also with 818 Tequila — at the KWUTK Reunion special that followed the series finale.

Kris Jenner branded their family the best "in the world," which is very Kris Jenner of her.

While not everyone downed their entire shots on stage, Kylie … well, just take a look.

That’s right; we made a GIF for you.

She certainly tastes her lime, but she also turns her head away from the cameras to "take a sip" of the tequila.

Generally, when one drinks from a container, there is less liquid than before. That’s not what it looks like there.

Additionally, she and Khloe seem to exchange intense looks with each other before that.

Whille we can only speculate about what this silent conversation might mean, the two sisters share a special bond.

Was this a reminder or reassurance that, no, Kylie was not stupid enough to actually drink "while pregnant" … or what?

Kylie has also been spotted getting along very well with Travis Scott lately.

The co-parents have been seen in public looking cozy with each other.

Pregnancy is not required for intimacy, but … it could certainly contribute to an intensified bond if they’re expecting Baby #2.

That said, there are alternative explanations.

Kylie recently announced that her makeup is going the "vegan and clean" route. Maybe she just didn’t want to eat fish in her sushi.

And there are a bajillion reasons to not take a tequila shot. Secret pregnancy needn’t be one of them. Unless … ?